The Uber-Hubers or: For zee Emperor!

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The Uber-Hubers or: For zee Emperor!

Postby Pip-Boy 2000 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:12 pm

This is a slight modification to the original deck I just kicked some major butt with in my Huge 4 player map.
I will just list the stuff top to bottom.

Imperials - 175 point deck

4 x The Emperor's Own (great cost / point ratio both as a card and deployment, can be upgraded to heck and back with commando+2xmutagens+laser rifle and then adds combined arms bonus to any mecha army)

3 x Imperial Marines - same story as TEO but can also jump around the map and strike deep rows in combat. Double attack = upgrading makes even more sense

5 x Imperial Rangers - unless I am really blind, these are the best scouts the Imperials have at Recce S6 R1. They also need no supply and can stealth 4. Main "where are those darn assasinsaboteurs!!!" force.

2 x MoBV - VII Elephant - pure awesomeness due to a high attack, high HPs and 2 disable.

3 x MoBV - VI Tiger - the choice here basically was 3 VI tanks or 2 more VII tanks. Since these have shock attack(i.e. ANY hit disables the enemy attack for the round!!!) and breakthrough and can be upgraded as well any armor, I chose to give these a place in my army

4 x MeBU-II Vengeance - what is there to say. Critical Attack at 10 Attack, 8 defense, 14 hitpoints. In how many ways can you say near-invincible destroyer of all? Also, it's a MECH!!!!! All hail the mighty Mech.

2x Imperial Recon - cheap 3 point version of a Recce unit instead of 5 point rangers. Mainly used this to fill up my deck to a straight 175

No battle support. At 2-3 hitpoints, these are just cannonfodder.

1 x Imperial Commandos - basically just for the sniper ability. I have yet to actually use this(I tend to just plain beat and capture heroes => MASSIVE action points..last game bonus AP was 20+++).

1x JSF II - Air2Air intercecptor
1x F-227 Nightwing - best attack rating, halves attacks against it
1x RAH-76 Crow - cheapest air attack you will find, though I never understood how on earth the recce would function, guess it only activates on an attack, not just flying over a hex?

Air power is THE weapon of choice for softening up enemy armies or just plain crushing too strong units. Other than that, use normal armies to maximize prestige and experience(fate points!).

1x Vladimir Kost
1x Erik Mai
1x Ulysses Starke
These need no explanation. Best 2 leaders for the uber-stacks, tactician for research

1x Adam Wraith - can move any medium sized army 4 points worth, so worth it as a mid-general.

1x Mata Boyd - Espionage and if need be, she can blow sh.t up
1x Artemis Vance - 2 free APs
1x Valentine Kusanagi - super high stealth, she's my mobile resources builder. Can also kill&sabotage, but capturing bases and heroes is FAR more rewarding

Vincent Mudge - +2 supply +2 max. cards. Godsend.
Cornelia West - peroxide gone-wrong blonde with boobs! Er. I meant +2 tech or gen dies and +2 AP and -1 AP cost for card drawing. More advantages than bra size, this one.
Hannibal Zarkov - Genetics and Tech man
Albert Feynman - reduces 1 threshold on tech and gen rolls

1 x Imperial Palace = base. I am thinking about a fortress instead, due to more upgrades&nice defense, but unsure. Could cut out 1 Mech and 1 recon to pay for it or a ranger+something

2x Imperial Keep - you will often find yourself needing more supply to even get at resources, plus this gives you a chance at harvesting those 2-4 resource points places

1 x Fire base - just for expansion if you need it

1x Imperial Research lab - only one needed. The main base becomes THE hero conglomerate.
2x Imperial War College - 2, because each one adds another Tac Card slot.
2x Intelligence Center - 2 free AP per center. Need I say more?


With a fully deployed deck and nothing else, you can already get 4 free AP from heroes and 2-4(one base 2, two bases 4) free AP from your own cards alone. 8 APs is enough to deploy anything except the Mech, and with even a last place roll you can deploy everything you want.

The whole army is geared towards massive force, high AP output, super-easy research and tac rolls and long reach air / base superiority.
I feel this deck almost fully exploits all opportunities you can get and is very tough to bash down by most normal AIs. The only threat to this deck imho, although it rather is a weakness of the race/party, not the deck, are high-stealthed assassins and saboteurs at homebase. Losing a hero is highly detrimental, so your home should be walled in by Recce units. The AI WILL GO FOR THE HEART. Defend yourself accordingly.

Basically this deck ends up with 4- unit armies consisting of 1-3 mech / tank units + 1-2 footsoldiers for combined arms and the rest is spread around as garrison and recon.
The 2 main armies under the 2 main generals level up, the scout mid-army can either help out assaults or keep the homefront clean.
Meanwhile you can research god-soldiers, augmentations, etc..and you barely ever waste APs since you just generate tac cards if you do have excess..
Comments are welcome.
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