Mackenson's Phalanx - deck type for all 4 races

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Mackenson's Phalanx - deck type for all 4 races

Postby Indricotherium » Sun Feb 07, 2010 3:28 pm

Hey all (& Imperialus),

Here are 4 decks I built (one for each race) based off of 'Mackenson's Phalanx'. Mackenson was a German general during WWI who, it was said, would have been world famous had Germany actually won the war. Before tanks and assault groups and whatnot had been developed on the Western Front to finally enable the cracking of the trench lines, he had developed his 'phalanx' to smash the Russians over and over and finally to break them. Essentially he used concentrated artillery to punch a hole in the Russian lines, then he would occupy the hole, move up the guns and repeat. Where his method differed from what everyone else was essentially doing was that he was successful in A) occupying the hole and B) getting those guns moved up so that the attack wouldn't falter and fail due to lack of support. Of course, tanks and ground support planes pretty much made it all obsolete. :)

I see this deck (in RP terms) as used to hold relatively quiet sectors of the Wasteland while the Mech, Tank, Air, and Jump armies are busy elsewhere cracking tough nuts. Of course, it turns out that the quiet sector isn't so quiet after all....

I only have a free account, so the files can each be downloaded 10x until they are deleted:

If the downloads don't work, or you'd rather not DL anything, the general building framwork is:
4 or 5 of every Infantry unit (more or less)
3 to 4 of every PBA except jump units (esp with Imperials), keep those to 1 or you've just built another Marines deck.
2 to 4 of every artillery unit
Three separate tank units (ie: 1 each of three, in the Imperials I have 1 Elephant, 1 Tiger, 1 Cheetah) to represent limited support
Recon to suit, I tend to take a lot
No Mech units
No Air units
Two, I believe, of whatever Anti-aircraft unit the race has, these don't count towards any armoured or mech count.
Every General and Scout hero
Every Agent except your race's super agent - you know who they are! (Though Rlyeh is in the Xeno deck)
Every Intellect hero
The base of your choice
Three of the low end outposts
2 or 3 of every facility

Jam it right up against 275 points.

I think that's about it.

I play it on 275/15, large, 3 random with cults, Uncommon/Rare but that's just me. I find it gives me a great tough game due to the whole 'need to use whatever I pull' aspect.
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Re: Mackenson's Phalanx - deck type for all 4 races

Postby imperialus » Wed Feb 10, 2010 3:16 pm

Very cool. Got my ass handed to me in the first game when the muties attacked my base on turn 12 with a gargantua and a bunch of dinosaurs.
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Re: Mackenson's Phalanx - deck type for all 4 races

Postby Indricotherium » Wed Feb 10, 2010 3:40 pm

Glad you like it!

I won my recent Imp game on turn 100 and something after a crazy series of back and forth's with both the Machines and the Mutants that involved my HQ being siege-ed twice by the Mutants and trading the Rapture HQ back and forth with both of them and the Xeno HQ with the Machines 3x. Insane.

I then had an easier go of my next game when I used the Xeno version as Ryleh showed up early and KABAGH was the cult. I bought him off until Ryleh could put paid to all of my enemies then I created an Egg Chamber to pump out a pair of Monstrosties to tech up and use to carry the day.

Still, the AI did some cool stuff even there. The best example; I was using a Xeno mobile supply unit to allow Ryleh to operate outside of my supply lines. It was in it's own litle 1 unit army. First I'd move Ryleh, then I'd move the Supply Army on the same path. This way if the stacks were attacked the supply army would be safe while Ryleh taught whoever it was a lesson. So I'm heading towards the Imperial HQ just beyond my supply reach. I move Ryleh two hexes to put it in range for next turn. Then I move the supply army but on the first hex a stealth-ed Ranger unit un-stealth's and attacks! The supply army is a 0/4/8hp, it has no escort of its own, it rides out the first round of shooting and then retreats (intact). But now Ryleh is out of supply and the supply unit is itself cut off and exposed. Luckily, as I tend to do, I went last. Next turn I spend the resources, get to go before the Imps and backtrack Ryleh on top of the Rangers, delay, then bring the Supply unit in. When the attack goes in, the Rangers are annihilated.

But I had to admire the ambush. If those Rangers had a tac nuke, if the Imperials won the initiative and hit Ryleh with one of their Big Stacks...
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