Podtastic 116pts of strange

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Podtastic 116pts of strange

Postby sigfried » Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:42 am

I wanted to build a deck with no troops, relying entirely on the Brood hive for an infinite source of troops.

What started as a wacky experiment turned out to be a pretty killer deck. Without expensive troops to clog it up, the cards flow quickly and hardly any are wasted. Its consistency is quite impressive, and once rolling its power is significant.

Tiles: Spawning Ground
Stronghold: Crashed Hiveship, 2 Sub Hive

Heroes: All of them!
Recon: 5 Critters
Facilities: 4 Brood Pens, 3 War Nest, 4 Research Nest
Air Power: 1 Pod Hovership, 1 Xenoceptor

And thats it...

It does have 5 units. The pods don't put out recon units and they critters are enough to stop an enemy recon unit from taking your home base and are good for initial goodie collection.

Start by deploying critters or stealth capable heroes to search for goodies. Two armies is usually about right. Then save up for either a War Nest or Brood Pens, Then Research Nest. Upgrade the Hiveship. Grab any humans or Tech you can find. You shouldn't need to compete for AP yet. Stockpile goods.

Build up a tactics hand, and then when you have a full 5 go for building the Brood Nest.

Once the nest is running you should be getting down towards the bottom of the deck. Build up a home guard and a murauding group. Generally you needn't worry about losses since toops aren't limited by your deck. As you take more strongholds make brood nests so you can deploy faster. To ramp up recourse gathering you can drop Sub Hives with Brood Pens in remote corners or close to your original hive.

Having every hero in your deck is a great advantage and typically you needn't discard any of them.

The tricky part is early game when your only defense are some critters, the occasional plane and an assassin hero. Mind your terrain and ID likely approaches to your hive. Keep them monitored and try not to clue the AI into where your base is. Assassinate incoming heroes to get their armies to head back home. Occasionally you will get knocked out before getting up and running but I find that is rare. Once the deck is running, and this happens pretty quickly you can steamroll over just about anything or simply beat them down with a near endless supply of 8 stack armies upgraded in any way you like.

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Re: Podtastic 116pts of strange

Postby greymalkin » Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:15 pm

Curious. Have you tried it against the cults, yet? How many computer opponents? Resource/Specials settings?
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Re: Podtastic 116pts of strange

Postby Indricotherium » Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:41 pm

This I'm going to try. Sounds like fun!
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Re: Podtastic 116pts of strange

Postby kareldriesen » Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:23 am

I really like this deck, but I was getting wiped out early too often, so I tweaked it.
The main differences:
- some dropped heroes that had no unique skills
- the addition of one Gangrel, 2 assassination teams, and 7 Larva Pods
- dropped extra War Nests and Research Nests

The gangrel and assassination teams double as recon and are strong enough to take out enemy recon, and the assassination teams also take out scouting enemy heroes. The 7 Larva pods were added initially just to get 40 cards and keep the 116 points. However, the first time I played didn't even have to start a Brood Hive. Even if you do need the BH in a long game, the eggs give some great early muscle when you need it. Thought the deck isn't as "pure" as the original, the added units can be considered specialized recon and "seed" stock, while the principle is still to run an empire on hatched units and with as many heroes as possible.

Tiles: Pnakotic Wastes
Stronghold: Fortress Hive, 2 Sub Hive

Generals: all but C'thil Phagn and Ptah
Scouts: none
Agents: all
Intellects: all but Tsathogg and Glaa'kii
Units: 7 Xenopod Larva, 4 Critters, 2 Assassination Team, 1 Gangrel
Facilities: 3 Brood Pens, 2 War Nest, 2 Research Nest, 1 Intel Nest
Air Power: 1 Pod Hovership, 1 Xenoceptor

Finally, Great Game ! I discovered it two months ago and I can't wait for Solium Internum to be ported to the Mac.
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