Empire of Man (50 cards, 175 points)

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Empire of Man (50 cards, 175 points)

Postby dtmamtc » Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:17 am

Just thought I would share my deck. This is the 15th :!: iteration for this deck - maybe I should just leave it be now and try something different :lol: Anyway, I like to play on huge maps vs. 3 AI (I haven't dabbled with cults yet).

Empire of Man: 50 Cards, 175 Points (5 Point base - 10h/30u/8f/2a).

Staging Area

Imperial Infantry x 5

Imperial Rangers x 5
Imperial Guard x 5

Vengeance x 5
Vindicator x 5

Imperial FAC x 5

JSF II x 1
F-227 x 1

Vladimir Kost
Erik Mai
Ulysses Starke
Winston Liu

Adam Wraith

Mata Boyd

Vincent Mugde
Cornelia West
Hanibal Zarkov
Milton Jrick

Imperial Palace

Imperial Fire Base x 2

Imperial Research Lab x 2
Imperial War College x 1

Intelligence Centre x 2


The Infantry is simply the cheap garrison unit. The Rangers can either be garrison or recon units and the Guards can be used for garrison duty but also perform very nicely as the frontline in an army stack.

I have a new found respect for the Vindicator (having previously relied on the Puma for AA duty) and it makes both a good garrison unit and on the backline of an army stack. The Vengeance is a monster, frontline for the stack of doom!

Besides the obvious duty for the FAC units, they also make fantastic recon units (and the AI really has a hard time seeing them for some reason).

I've had a play with most of the generals and these are simply the ones I feel work best for me. Plenty of variety and access to all the cool toys. I guess there's probably more here than is strictly necessary, but I find the variety entertaining.

I'm much more interested in getting the Lab out than the Academy, simply because there's so much good stuff to be had from Genetics. The extra AP's from Intel helps to get the big guns out and keep up the momentum. I've found I tend to rely more on taking over installations for supply, so the fire bases are there as an emergency backstop for when I can't get my supply range where I need it.

This deck is a little light on reconnaissance (most of the previous incarnations for this deck contained the Imperial Recon unit) but I've found that the combination of FAC and stealth capable generals means you don't miss that much. Key locations which invite sabotage or assassinations get the Ranger unit as a priority.

Considering the journey I went through to get to this point, the end result does look somewhat unspectacular (although it is quite symmetrical)! I'll also admit to being a bit of a turtle at the start, so it's probably not going to be a lightning quick game (unless you get a really bad start)!
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Re: Empire of Man (50 cards, 175 points)

Postby Indricotherium » Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:47 am

Looks nice. The only thing I'll mention is on the recon front (and somewhat covered by the Rangers). While the FAC's and Stealth Hero's will definitely handle your offensive recon I find the Leopards and Imp Recon golden for the defensive tasks. However this may be due to my play style of keeping all flanks and fronts under observation and in no way indicates that I think the deck should change.

I'll be adding this to the List. :)
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