Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

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Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby Keypunch » Sun Apr 12, 2009 12:02 am

[Note: contains an experimental modded deck!]
[Note: The files may not be available, since I'm about to lose my webspace. Please let me know if you have an alternative available!]

Huddled in the ruins of the old cities, ancient hide-outs the survivors of the wastelands were fractioned. Stories have been going around across the Waste Lands for years. There is a Human Empire and it is fighting back!

As the General Manager of the Underhive, you know what is possible with a little organisation. It has only been a decade ago that electrical power was fully restored all the way to the lowest levels. That tentacle beasts were still lurking in the flooded recesses and that people didn't dare go topside during the night, afraid a Howler might snatch them up.

Nowadays, the Hive is humming with activity. And it is not just humans, even the odd mutant is welcome, while the integration of Machine technology has brought considerable advantages. Sure, everybody can wait for the Empire to finally arrive, but wouldn't it be better to have the red carpet ready for them? With a flash of pride, you have started sending out couriers. The Underhive is inviting all known factions to join them, paying good coin for any free agents willing to sign up to fight! No need to wait for some Emperor, the time to kick out the Machines and Xenos is right now!

Scenario Suggestion: Large Map, Machine & Xenos opponents, Resources: Common, Specials: None. Cult: Optional
175/5 for points.

Download the deck here.

Note: Lots of units are quite adjusted from what you are used to!

Forces description:
Underhive has been building up its own supply of quality equipment and Underhive Security Forces (USF) have been undergoing specialist training.

USF Forces:
7x Dune Raider - Underhives' highly agile Light Recon Buggies
2x Waste Rangers - Self-contained battlesuits with integrated sensors
1x Zeus Platoon - Elite forces, equipped with experimental damage-absorbing powered suits.
1x MA-32 Grom - stock artillery unit, found in a dusty hangar
1x MM-2 Minotaur - another stock artillery unit.
2x RAH-76 Crow - Stock.

The USF Forces are led by two capable Commanders:
Aska - A charismatic leader, theoretically well-rounde, agressive commander in the Field.
Sgt. Slade - Second-in command, half-cyborg, has superb tactical awareness.

Recruitment of auxilliary forces has also been going well. Plenty of able soldiers have signed up.
3x Mercenaries - Fanatical and capable with various equipment.

-Support has been pledged by the Blue Jade Kingdom. The King has sent his eldest daughter and extended bodyguard as diplomatic liaison.
Blue Jade Princesss - Organizational Genius
1x Iron Monks - Valorous and able to shock the enemy with their coordinated strikes.
2x Merc Tank - The Blue Jade has brought their own (souped up) medium tanks.

-Looking for revenge on their former masters, The Mutants of the Trident Mountains have sent one of their most feared commanders and rocket artillery.
Humongous - Agressive and smarter commander than one might think at first sight.
2x Pack Rockets - rocket artillery, effective at both precision and wide-area bombardments.

-The Raiders of Ruin city have joined us, as they expect this to be a lucrative endeavour
Casca - Mysterious, crafty leader
2x Merc Tank - Souped up medium tanks.
2x Raiders - Disruptive attackers, handy with random equipment

- Refugees from the village of Broken Tower have formed their own unit
1x Gangers - Good at scavenging and mass assaults

- We've discreetly engaged the services of various free agents
Morpheus - Aka "The Macabre", released from Underhive prison under contract. Relentless, sadistic killer, glad he's working for us.
The Duke - Ring Leader of the Old Metropolis Cartel, currently a refugee at Underhive after napalm bombardment of Old Metropolis .
1x Slavers - Bounty hunting and assasinations... for a price.

There's also program EXO, a top-secret science project into advanced weapons research.
The program is led by two top scientists:
Tyrell - Underhive Chief Technology & Science Officer
Vrull - A brilliant mutant geneticist, has fled fellow mutant's persecution to work on biomechanics.

Their results have been quite impressive:
ExU-88 - A reprogrammed Machine Commander. 100% Effective and 100% Loyal.
1x Harbinger - A shock attacking, Anti-Air mech unit.
1x God Soldier - A prototype unit, further research should be pursued. A Regenerative biomech.
and last but not least, there's been work on a very promising project:
Omicron 2000 - An advanced computer system, full integration with Underhive's sensor network and defense mechanism, self-programming software, automated response logic circuitry and sophisticated neural simulation will sincerely improve our ability to anticipate, react and defend. Pro-active physical firewalling, adaptive/reactive software agents and massive redundancy will ensure that once on-line, it will have 100% operational uptime and efficiency.

In order to support this massing of forces, we do not rely on the Underhive as is as basis alone. There are plans to extend as well:
1x Underhive (Hardened)
2x Research Lab (For advanced technological and genetic research)
2x Warrior Shrines (staffed by Blue Jade Monks, tutoring forces in the Art of War)
2x Raider Fortress (light-weight support bases, designed by the Raiders of Ruin City)
1x Industrial Complex (contracted from Mecha Design Corp)
1x Satellite Uplink (a planned advanced intelligence and reconaissance center, will be able to contact various non-defunct satellites in Low Earth Orbit)

p.s. Lemme know if you can get the deck to even work at all. You should be able to get it to work by simply placing it in your "SaveDecks" folder. This is all somewhat experimental...

I just noticed the Deck is still called "Waste Raiders", rather than "The Underhive", oh well. That's still some polishing I might do later :-)
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Re: Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby pernod » Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:11 am

Very interesting. Also, bonus points for providing a downloadable deck.

I grabbed the deck, started a game on my mac and got a dune raider zipping out of the hive on the first turn. Looks like it's working as it should, I'll report back if this subsidiary of the Underhive Corporated reaches its alloted profit targets.

There are certain real life obligations that need to be handled, though, so don't expect too much speed.
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Re: Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby greymalkin » Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:32 pm

Quick question:

Should "Specials" when setting up a map be turned off? I did, just in case, but wanted to make sure.

Thanks for such a great idea!
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Re: Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby Keypunch » Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:57 pm

Yup: Specials, none. I have been tinkering with editing the actual neutrals, but I keep running into script errors if I do anything else besides change the artwork. So, in order to avoid awkward duplication of characters, the scenario works better if you turn them off altogether. Towns/cities are still guarded by the regular neutral units. I have to admit, it makes gameplay slightly more bland.

Do note that, on a large map, this means supply is pretty tight, as there's only two Raider Fortresses (supply bases) included in the Deck, and they are fragile. So, be careful with those! In my experience you absolutely need to rely on the Duke for Logistics, which can be a pain if you draw him late. Alternatively, launching a "commando" infantry offensive is also possible, I suppose.

If you want to tinker around with the Deck yourself, I've just uploaded this zip-file with my .txt-files. These replace the .txt-files in the folder "Armageddon Empiures/GameData/CardCatObjects/imperial/" . (Note: Make a backup!) Do mind that there might be some Mac/PC conversion issues with the ASCII. After replacing those txt's you should be able open the Deck with the editor, and muck around with it, rather than just getting script errors when you try to remove unspecified cards. (Also, don't mind what a kluge it is).
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Re: Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby pernod » Sun Apr 12, 2009 3:35 pm

Thanks for this. I just won a game on turn 29 following the scenario using Casca with a waste ranger and a bit of bait and switch tactics. The machines fell when they sent their main army (Maledictus a behemoth and some skeletors) chasing after Casca who had destroyed a collector. Her trickster ability got the rangers out of trouble, and after buying the initiative next round, I zipped in with a Dune Buggy and maneuvered Casca to block the path back to the base.

After spending a lot of time and resources in chasing down a rogue gangrel with my other dune buggies and a helo, I started establishing a supply line to the Xeno base on the other side of the map. I had Casca cross over, and she found the Xeno HQ in a valley between high mountains, though she had spotted Rylah and a corrupter on the way. I used Aska supported by a Zeus unit to establish a supply line that was one hex too short to reach the base. If nothing else, that meant my dune buggies could crawl all over the surrounding hills and mountains and establish that indeed, it was only guarded by eggs. Casca to the rescue/assault and domination of the sector followed.

I ended up getting both the academies early, and misread their text thinking they could work as bases. I therefore discarded one of my raider forts due to a full hand. That could have been a costly mistake, but luckily the commando ability of the rangers helped me. I tend to play rapid assault and rely on outmaneuvering the other factions, and that really worked here as the rangers and Casca have a move of 4.

A fun challenge. Thanks for the effort in setting up the deck!
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Re: Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby Archinerd » Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:57 am

Very cool.
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Re: Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby Indricotherium » Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:30 pm

This looks awesome!
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Re: Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby Fizish » Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:09 am

Wow my first game with this deck was a slugfest! 4 factions + fist, huge map. 90 turns later, I ended up with 1018 points, my first time breaking the 1000 point barrier. The mutant stronghold took 3 tries to take, the Fist wiped out my entire main army with his suitcase nuke, and the Machines traded bases with me 5 or 6 times in the center of the map. The most difficult obstacle to overcome was the constant assassination/elimination of my command heroes, necessitating the removal of Aska from HQ to take over my 3x God Soldier, 2x Merc Tank army for the final push against the machines. Thanks for the deck, it was a blast!
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Re: Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby greymalkin » Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:29 pm

Just finished my first game with the deck. With Casca leading some Waste Rangers, I was up to 53 bonus AP a turn at the end. Sadly, the only tactics-generating general died in the first few rounds. I was not looking forward to assaulting the Fist HQ, so I had my "HR Consultant" (Morpheus) handle it for me. It is a very planning focused deck with only the 2 raider forts in it. But with Tyrell and Krull, I was able to have 6 die challenge God Soldiers.

Thanks for the deck! Look forward to trying it against Ka'bagh or maybe even Love next.
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Re: Scenario: Survivors of The Underhive

Postby Indricotherium » Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:48 pm

I also gave this a whirl and it was a blast to play.

I went Huge, 3 enemies, cult, Rare, None.

For the cult we got the Love Cult. Luckily I discovered this before losing anyone and after that doubled my buggies up.

Casca with her absolutely pimped out Waste Rangers (both genetic enhancments as well as pulse lasers and tacnukes for both) were my workhorses (especially given the Huge Map, 2 Forts and no specials!) but the rest saw plenty of combat as well. One pair of buggies carried on an extensive (well, 2x) engagement with a stealthed Gangrel while keeping tabs on the Squidheads and survived the run-ins thanks to tactics and luck. A helo strike finally solved that problem.

Eventually Godsoldier production kicked in. :D
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