Rebel Yell: challenging scenario and deck for mutants

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Rebel Yell: challenging scenario and deck for mutants

Postby OneFit » Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:37 am

This is a hopefully quite challenging scenario for Mutants with the proper, thematical and a bit underpowered deck. Sorry for my bad english! :)

We are Mutants. Our fathers were kidnapped decades ago from their planet, named Earth, or Terra. They've been genetically-enhanced (I'd dare say - perfected) to fight in desertic environment. We've inherited their mutations, and we've been sent to fight, hunt, sabotage and destroy, in the dirtiest and most periferic ball of sand in the Galaxy, Krakian IV, by our masters, the Xenopods, against their enemies, the Machines.

Strange creatures, our masters and their enemies in this neverending war. They find a planet, they nuclearize and poison it all for some years till it's just a toxic and radioactive desert. And then they fight there. For centuries. For a ball of sand. For many balls of sand, scattered around the entire galaxy. And they die for those. In droves. In billions.

Oh well, they don't value their lifes much. I think it's natural. One race has queens laying billions of billions of eggs every minute all around the galaxy. And the Machines are just made of metal, they're made off the shelf.

Not us. We value or lifes. We're all brothers - and we don't have queens or factories to replace the ones they kill or send to die.

So we fight for the Xenopods infinite battles with loyalty on this alien world, but when we're in one of those hundreds of little useless outposts in this endless desert of Krakian IV, and suddenly the Machines surround us with this army of tens of thousands of Leviathans and Behemoths and Colossuses, and from the Hive we receive the order "fight to the last", we say "Yeah sure!". And we kill our Xenopods officers. And surrender to the Machines.

We were hoping for a good treatment as prisoners. We had given them a Xenopods' outpost for free - well not that they needed our help, but still. So we're happy when they charge us on this big spaceship and say we're headed to Earth. Well, in cages, but still. They're carrying us back to a home we've never seen.

This, before we start understanding the language on their screens (some of us are very intelligent). We come to know we're going to Earth to fight. Again. Against the Xenopods, this time. Oh, even better - they want to "enhance" us. "Enhancing" means REMOVING our brains and replacing them with computers. They find pure biological units "unreliable". Hell, even the Xenopods treated us better.

So our rebel yell resonates once again. The spaceship is near Earth when it happens. The Machines can't fight back appropriately - the most of them are in standby charging the batteries for fighting on Earth, and well, even if they were operational I doubt a Leviathan can fight well inside a spaceship without smashing the bulkheads.

Then, hijacking. We're falling into the orbit.

Fiiiiuuuu - BRAAAANG!

We're on Earth. Crashed on the surface, but not many of us died. We escape. The Machines send some Spiderbots after us. We destroy those things with ease - but we'd better separate or they'll find us, some of us are not that great at hiding, the Giants expecially... we'll regather later.

I've said we're perfect for deserts. We travel restlessy for weeks. Our innate sense of direction in this kind of territories brings the biggest stack of us to this area, perfect for encamping, hidden from the sensors of the Machines - as we've always done. We stay there for some weeks, some of the others we missed find the camp and reach us, some are farther and it will take more time for them. We really want to find the race of our progenitors, the humans... surely they'll embrace us, their missed sons, joyfully.

One day this "Ravager" finds us. He's not one of our group, but still he's undoubtly a Mutant, a brother. He says he's a recon unit of a tribe which established not too far from us - we come to know that the Xenos have made experiments here on Earth, too, and not only in space. But even our brothers here on the planet have rebelled and formed a League. Great! We're a free race!

There are many tribes of us. The Ravager says we'll hopefully receive some reinforcements from the bigger tribes, not that many because the League is fighting around all the planet for its freedom, but there's the chance we'll receive materials for some new bases and facilities, and eventually some... "Dragons" they are called - they're said to be a whole new level of mutations.
The Ravager says we'll need them, reports reveal that the Machines of the starship we crashed have established a base and started sending their units, slowly re-awakening from the standby, to claim the land - and they'll eventually receive support from their orbital bases.
And there's even a little Human outpost with military, they're in the area to collect the scarce resources of the place.

When we say great, we'd love to see the race of our progenitors, the Ravager looks at us like if we're mad. Then realizes we can't know, we've always lived out of the planet.
The few humans who survived the nuclearization of the planet have (as they always do when they're few, weak, and frightened) gathered around a charismatic figure - who self-proclaimed Emperor. Typical. And of course this new Empire wants to have all this aura of holiness, of purity, of "humanity" - in contrast with the Xenopods and Machine invaders ... so much that they're disgusted even by us, they consider us filthy... and our factions have clashed often all around the world in the last decades.

Damn, these are sad news. The Ravager says the humans are hopeless, they can't win the war for the planet by themselves and still don't want to collaborate with us.

Maybe because our group is "new", but we don't give up our hopes yet. Maybe, and just maybe - if we show to the humans of this outpost that we can be valuable allies, there will be some hope for Terra.

The intellects of our group have an idea. That's so risky, it could even work. We must destroy the Machines' base - surely the humans hate them more than they hate us, so if we can prove them that we're on their side without having to fight too much against them, they'll negotiate. We might have to kill some of their scouts not to be discovered too soon in these lands, but the Machines are the enemy, not the Humans.

This is the only way. We prepare, once again, for war.

-Lacrima Nera, Veteran Razor of Krakian IV

Victory condition: Destroy the Machine HQ without killing any Human units except recce ones, or destroying their buildings/collectors. You CAN capture heroes - (capture, not kill) - as "you'll free them after the mission".

Losing conditions: killing fighting units or heroes of the Humans, or destroying building/collectors of them; having the EoM destroy the Machines before you (you can't prove yourselves worthy!)... or of course being destroyed by the Machines or the Humans!

Game settings: 175/5/Large/Rare/Rare/No cults/Machines and Humans.

Deck (160 points, 50 cards).

Tile: Mutant Wastes

Stronghold: War Redoubt

Skull Crushers x3
Slaughterers x3
Legionites x3
Skinnies x2
Razors x2

Ravager x1
Chameleons x2
Outrider x2

Zentarads x2
Mungos x1

Termagant x2
Drakon x2
Ripper x2
Fiend x2
Juggler x2

Battle Support:
Missileers x2

Special Ops:
Scavenger Team x1
Black Hands x1
Ghost Team x1

Allelic, Blastomere, Tyrosina and Kinase.



Mitoch, Lysis and Ichthyos

Military Facilities:
Hidden Gord x2

Academy x1
Lab x1

Intel Center x1

One suggested song for the soundtrack: Rebel Yell, by Billy Idol.
Have fun!

(Criticism, suggestions and eventually death threats are welcome ;) )
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Re: Rebel Yell: challenging scenario and deck for mutants

Postby Indricotherium » Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:16 am

Hey there! Welcome to the boards!

I've been sick the last two weeks, otherwise I'd have seen this sooner.

I *LOVE* the story! Love it!

When I get a chance I'm going to give this a whirl and I'll let you know how it turns out.

Have you play-tested it yourself yet?
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Re: Rebel Yell: challenging scenario and deck for mutants

Postby OneFit » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:50 am

Hey! Thanks for the... "welcoming" (? :D) and glad you liked the story!!

I'm still a n00b but I'm learning much from the forum!

Yep, I've tried the deck on the battlefield. Of course it's challenging, with very few or none of the best units and heroes, but I wanted the impression of a little foreign squad specialized in desert operations, plus some of the weakest dragons (notably the fiends and the drakons among the others) sent as help. And the challenge is further increased by the unusual imperative condition of being unable to kill non-recce units of the Humans, which sometimes manages to be quite difficult if they decide to attack.
Still probably not an enormous challenge for a vet of the game, but I hope it can definitively offer a good and unusual match ;)

See ya on the boards!
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