The WasteJumpers

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The WasteJumpers

Postby deworde » Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:34 pm

During the initial invasion of Earth, it is believed that the Chinese-Japanese-Taiwanese Alliance developed and activated an electromagnetic weapon designed to destroy the bulk of the Machine Empire troops. In a twist as ironic as it was horrifying, what little success they achieved led to the Western Pacific Seaboard becoming the Primary Hive for the Xenopods. Indeed, Imperial Research Command has rejected a revival of the "TechKiller" Project primarily because of fears that it would leave any targeted area vulnerable and even attractive to massive Xenopod infestation.
As the battlefields shifted and the Xenopods moved the bulk of their troops away from Earth, Imperial Scouts found large areas of the "Pacific Plaguelands" suffered from bizarre electromagnetic activity. Massive Ionic Storms would gather around any active vehicle, with the resulting blast and circuit damage damaging the vehicles beyond the point of recovery. Only vehicles with sophisticated sensors could recognise the storm precursors and power down until they dissipated. The "Hunter Storms" also targeted aircraft, meaning that only the most talented pilots could safely navigate the area by outpacing the buildups.
At the same time, massive Xenopod activity meant a high potential for infection among standard infantry, causing the forces in the area to depend heavily on the small cadres of elite troops who had proved resistant to infestation. This dependence on Battle Armoured Elites, especially Marine Corps, led to the Plaguelands forces becoming known as the "WasteJumpers"
While the Plaguelands were eventually abandoned to the Xenopods, the WasteJumper battle doctrine was found to be highly effective, and allowed the Empire to field a small but viable force in areas of high toxicity, even when vehicle fuel supplies are low.

Battle Doctrine
Wastejumper battle doctrine dictates large, heavily armed Marine forces protecting a set of central research bases.
Defence and Assault
Recon is used to identify targets before they reach striking distance, at which point a Marine Force is redirected to defend the endangered area, allowing a single force to defend multiple bases. Stealthed forces are used for recon and resource denial, and local militia are drafted to provide minimal base defence in case of a surprise assault. In vital areas, Imperial Guardsmen have been used for permanent defence, although their numbers are limited.
In the event of an incoming assault by enemy forces, some commanders have found success in abandoning their local base and hitting the base supplying the assault force, before taking advantage of their opponents' crippled status. The famous "Piggy in the Middle" tactic has been used to devastating effect, although there have been incidents of an inexperienced commander leaping into the enemy base, being forced to retreat by the garrison, and finding that the assault force they avoided has now blocked their supply route. For this reason, recon should be used wherever possible to ensure that resistance will be minimal. To quote the ancient scholars of Old Earth, "Look before you Leap".
Outposts are to be set up as near to the enemy HQ as possible. Once an enemy moves the bulk of its forces out of its HQ for an assault, a Marine Force may jump in and seizes the base, breaking their opponents command chain and forcing a surrender. If an enemy attempts to entrench, Nuclear Devices may be launched from a JSF II air platform. Wastejumper pilots are normally exceptionally skilled, and capable of picking their targets with incredible precision, as well as intercepting enemy air attacks, but as with all Wastejumper forces, are in harshly limited supply.
While officially denied by the Empire, reports persist of Marine corps including garrisoned militia in their defence, purely in order to direct enemy attacks towards the weaker unit and away from the Marines themselves. This tactic, while ethically deplorable, would not be shocking considering the nature of the threats faced in these times. Marine Armour is rare, and men capable of handling it are no more common themselves.
All augmentation is to be directed towards the Marine forces. Many marine field commanders favour weapons that increase damage over those that improve accuracy, in order to take advantage of the MarineTech ability to double their opponents' rate of fire. (To quote Airguardsman Puller "Don't matter if you miss more, you'll get always a second shot, but when you hit, you'll want to tear the shrakkers apart") Because of the relatively small size of Wastejumper forces, keeping Marine units alive is to be considered a priority, so tactical research is normally geared towards defence.
Because of their reliance on recon and out-of-supply Air Assaults, Wastejumpers have been found to be very successful at gathering technology and forces from their local area. Because of the varied nature of "Wasteland Surprises", their use is left to the field commander's judgement.

Card List
Imperial Infantry
Light Infantry x 5
Powered Battle Armour
Imperial Marines x 10
Imperial Rangers x 2
Imperial Guard x 1
Leopard x 2
Imperial Recon x 3
Special Ops Teams
Imperial FAC x 1
Imperial Airpower
JSF II x 1

Generals of the Empire
Burwell Puller x 1
Krulak Vandegrift x 1
Scouts of the Empire
Adam Wraith x 1
Sigmund Gordon x 1
Intellects of the Empire
Cornelia West x 1
Hanibal Zarkov x 1
Albert Feynman x 1
Milton Jrick x 1
Fulton Strangelove x 1

Imperial Strongholds
Imperial Palace x 1
Imperial Facilities
Imperial Firebase x 2
Research Facilities
Imperial Research Lab x 1
Imperial War College x 1
C3I Facilities
Intelligence Centre x 1
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Re: The WasteJumpers

Postby imperialus » Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:36 am

I just gave it a whirl. Ended up restarting my first game... I got (I kid you not) 6 marines and a firebase in my initial hand. :shock: I really didn't feel like giving the filthy xenos the 4 or 5 free turns it would take to get just one of my cards into play.
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Re: The WasteJumpers

Postby deworde » Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:20 pm

imperialus wrote:I just gave it a whirl. Ended up restarting my first game... I got (I kid you not) 6 marines and a firebase in my initial hand. :shock: I really didn't feel like giving the filthy xenos the 4 or 5 free turns it would take to get just one of my cards into play.

That is a risk of the deck. If you look, it's only 40 cards strong (incidentally, that should be 2 Firebases), of which Marines comprise a full quarter, so the odds of drawing several marines in your first hand is pretty high. 6 is impressive though...
It should be survivable, although a bit tense for the first chunk o' turns till you draw a decent hero.
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