Imperial Theme Decks

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Imperial Theme Decks

Postby Fenris863 » Wed Apr 16, 2008 7:02 pm

I like to construct "Theme" based decks and here is one that I have had a lot of success with. I'll also cover basic strategy with each one.

"Armored Corps."

Imperial Infantry
The Emperor's Own x3
Imperial Grenadiers x2
Imperial Pioneers x3
Imperial Infantry x3

Powered Battle Armor
Imperial Rangers x2

MoB-VII Elephant x1
MoBV-VI Tiger x2
MoBV-V Panther x4
MoRV-IV Leopard x2
MoISV-II Cheetah x8

No Mecha

Imperial Recon x2

Battle Support
MA-32 Grom x2
MRA-21 Reaper x2

Special Ops Teams
Imperial Commandos x2
Imperial FAC x2

Imperial Airpower
F-227 Nightwing x1

Generals of the Empire
Vladimir Kost x1
Erik Mai x1
Ulysses Stark x1
Carter Powell x1

Scouts of the Empire
Adam Wraith x1

No Agents of the Empire

Intellects of the Empire
Vincent Mugde x1
Cornelia West x1
Hannibal Zarkov x1
Milton Jrick x1

Imperial Strongholds
Imperial Palace x1

Military Facilities
Imperial Fire Base x2

Research Facilities
Imperial Research Lab x2
Imperial War College x2

Infrastructure Facilities
Industrial Complex x2

Infrastructure Facilities
Intelligence Center x2

Staging Area

Basic Strategies: I almost wanted to call this deck, "Mechanized Infantry" because a core part of it is the use of the Cheetah in partnership with any friendly Infantry Unit. Other than their resource cost, Cheetahs not only cost zero AP to deploy, but they do not count against the total AP required to move an army. Also, for every Cheetah in the army, a friendly infantry unit in the same army has its movement range substituted by the Cheetah's. This makes your armies very mobile.

The Cheetah's ability to give a friendly Infantry unit +3 Attack and +3 Defense is amazing, and in combination with a combat mutagen and plasma rifle enhancement, any infantry unit can become absolutely devastating. The obvious drawback to this tactic is that you will require a general with a good leadership score to support the partnership. Typically, I only include two infantry/cheetah pairs in an army, which brings in the armor and artillery groups.

Just like a real life Armored Company, no Mechanized Infantry Unit is without its big brothers: Tanks. These guys bring single unit (as opposed to the symbiotic relationship between Cheetah and Infantry Unit) firepower and have better range than the Infantry. They also bring valuable abilities such as Shock Attack to the table.

Artillery Units can either be held in defense with a garrison, or if you don't mind the movement penalties, with an army. I like at least one or two on the offensive because of the great special ability firepower they bring. Shock Attack, Area Attack, Disable and Disrupt are awesome.

I know the inclusion of Rangers and Commandos is a strange one, but the idea behind these is for them to work together as a scout/sniper unit. I usually group them together in a "Force Recon" unit and send them out to both scout, and assassinate if the opportunity presents itself. Plus, in groups, their chances of survival are much increased. If you pull Wraith, put him in the Force Recon unit to further increase not only their movement rate, but their survivability rate. (Those measily 3 fate points could make all the difference.)

Since large armies cost AP to move, I've included two Intelligence Facilities, as well as a number of Intellectuals and Generals who bring extra AP a turn to the field. The Intelligence Facilities and Leopards/Imperial Recon are my defensive recon units, where as the above mentioned "Force Recon" units are my aggressive scouts, mostly because of their Commando ability.

Now I probably forgot to add a few tips or whatever, but if there are any questions about cards I put in and their reason, let me know. Also, suggestions, comments or whatever would be appreciated. I'm working on refining an Imperial Marine deck I made, based off the "Jump Deck" mentioned in another topic in this forum. My future projects for "Theme" Decks will be an Imperial "Special Operations" Deck, before I move on to making Machine Empire Theme Decks.
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Re: Imperial Theme Decks

Postby Indricotherium » Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:48 pm

Looks fun, saved it off, will be trying it out.
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Re: Imperial Theme Decks

Postby imperialus » Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:17 pm

Just getting back into AE here after a long absence (I got a new computer so I got distracted by the shiny titles) so I figured I'd give this deck a shot. I got used to working with Infantry with my Marines deck but this looks like it removes some of the focus on air power that I used in that. Should be fun. Rolling up my first turn here :D
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Re: Imperial Theme Decks

Postby Indricotherium » Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:08 pm

It is a lot of fun, but now I need to retry it with Tip of the Spear (something I've been doing with a lot of decks).
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Re: Imperial Theme Decks

Postby imperialus » Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:41 pm

Just finished a game with this deck.

Huge map, Just vs. Mutants, no cults, (in other words pretty easy)

With a bit of buildup you can make some insanely powerful units. My main offensive army had an uparmoured Panther, 3 Units of Emperors own, all kitted out with Toughness Training and Nanine Injections. Two had PK4 Lasers, one had a Shiva that unfortunatly didn't come into play since I screwed up on the last turn and went into the final battle with 0 AP. They were also led by Ulysses just for that extra 1 die kicker.

Army also had 3 Cheetah's and a Minotaur (that was tragically destroyed on the first turn).

At the end of the day my emperors own had 6 or 7 attack, 5 defense, 12 hitpoints and up to 4 bonus damage due to the lasers (all this was of course before the Cheetah's infantry support). The Panther had 6 attack, 7 defense, 8 hitpoints, the composite armour, and a damage bonus of 3 due to the combined arms.
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