Minimal Imperial deck - 100 points, 40 cards

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Minimal Imperial deck - 100 points, 40 cards

Postby zig_zac » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:27 am

Sidenote: I’m not english native speaker. Any corrections in grammar or wording would be truly welcome.

I’ve been playing Armageddon Empires for about two weeks now, and seeked challenge. So I tried to build minimal deck – 40 cards, 100 points, with Empire of Men – the only one I know a bit. OK, it's not minimal, you can build deck with less, than 100 points but, I think, this is hard enough.

The outcome is very encouraging, as far as I tested it.

I play usually on rare\rare, large map, random cults, additional resources for AI, 275 points decks, 5 points starting tiles.
I won few games, lost one, nuked by mutants, and tweaked the deck to counter it.

It looks like that:

- Emperor’s Palace,

I have no points to throw it away for anything fancy here.

- 2 * Industrial Center,

Everybody needs resources. With 40 cards deck there’s a big chance you will get one in your starting hand, or right after. Especially with rare resources it gives you real push forward, and that’s important, because deck should be played quickly. It’s AI, who has more cards, but it won’t take advantage of it before some time, right?
The real bottleneck in resources can be technology, but no easy solution here.

- 2 * Intelligence Center,

Very useful – additional AP points, defence for your heroes from assasination attemps.

- 1 * Laboratory and Academy,

You must rely on tactics and improvement, because sheer power of your units requires strenghtening. But no more, than one of each. First of all, you need some units also, and besides, captured enemy bases often have these facilities.

- 1 * Air Defence System,

Specifically purposed to defend your HQ against missiles. I’ve lost the game almost won, because muties nuked me with missile, and I haven’t got anything to counter it. But playing it, and upgrading can be postponed until later stages of game.

- 3 * Imperial Fire Base,

First it’s the place, where you can put one of your facilities. More importantly it’s for expanding your supply range to get to enemy bases. Three out of 40 gives real chance you will get a base, when you need it.

As you can see, it’s industrially oriented deck.


The bulk of your forces:

- 4 * Emperor’s Own,
- 4 * Cheetah,

Well, pretty obvious. An infantry must be main force of your army, as you must buy those 40 cards for 100 points. Emperor’s Own offer best quality for meager 3 points, and great potential for improvement.
I like very much their valor thrait. They fight better, when they avenge destroyed fellow unit. Very climatic.
They also are amongst coolest looking units. That matters.

Cheetahs I don’t really like, especially comparing to harpies. They are plain expensive in terms of resources, and have defence of 4. It’s the fact though, that they can boost your Emperor’s Own, and that combo can match almost any other unit. They also are rarely attacked. AI centers its interest in supported infantry unit, so low defence doesn’t matter so much.

- 1 * Weapon’s Platoon,

Cannon fodder really, though unfortunately quite resource expensive. Can be a garrison in some of your Fire Bases. Also I use it sometimes in assault stack as a boost for Emperor’s Own. AI usually kills them outright, and valor thrait gives 1\1 boost to EO (or rather two of them).

- 1 * Vengeance Mecha,

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the pinnacle of imperial technology, crushing fist of our army, the bringer of fear for our enemies, and hope for our brave infantry.
Ok, seven points for one unit, it hurts, but I really needed one powerful unit, to boost my single assault stack. That unit will get a bonus to damage from any infantry unit, and you have some. Aegis cladding is easily made, and gives this unit all but immunity.

I thought seriously about replacing it with an elephant. It’s cheaper in terms of resources and action points, it disables the oponent. But critical damage I consider better thrait, and let’s be frank – Vengeance just looks better. I mean, a tank with three barrels?

- 1 * MRA – 21 Reaper,

What could do infantry without artillery? I know, it has only 2 hitpoints, but in opening, or medium stages this unit works great, and costs next to nothing. You have Disruptor, Gargantuan, or simillar thing striking hard, defending not so well? Shock it! You’re facing Leviathan? Well, disruption comes handy.
It’s not so a glass cannon, as it looks. Rear area abillity means that max attack against it equals 5. Starke gives +1 defence, Aegis Cladding additional 1. Biggest guys will aim at your artillery, leaving first row in peace. Your Fate points means a lot, when AI gets 1, or 2 points of damage with succesful attack.

Recon units:

- 7 * Leopard,

Cheap card. Bear in mind, that I had troubles with meeting 40 cards requirement, and 2 points per card is just, what I’ve needed.
They really are great value for your buck. In the opening phase they single handedly can kill most of recce units they stumble upon, so no need for stealth. In the fighting stacks they provide recon, and also can deal some damage, getting combined arms bonus. They can form single handedly weak garrison, capable of dealing with wandering enemy heroes.
I have a lot of them, but they also tend to get killed.

Imperial Air Force, so to say:

- 1 * JSF II,

Main defence against enemy air power. Also great for picking artillery units out of killer stacks. Can deliver a nuke, if you want to.
Very versatile, which is just what you need from one aircraft.



Albert Feynman,
Milton Jrick,
Erik Mai.

Technology, genetics, tactics, all of great quality. Mai is really an intellect type of guy, as his strenght lays in creating tactics. Guard them, especially Jrick is irreplaceable.

Erick Mudge,
For longer supply range, which gives you better chance of getting to your enemies quickly.

That woman with great boobs:
Well, you can see, why you want her. In your deck. Just look at her, ahem, abillities.

Deep recon heroes:
All of them has stealth abillity, and I use them for deep recon purposes, especially for locating enemy bases, which is crucial. The assault force is to slow to do it, and normal recon lacks the supply range of army under Starke.
All of them has also other advantages.

- Artemis Vance:

2 AP, if you positioned Intelligence Center. If drawn early is used for recon, rarely for active espionage. Not passive – I’m usually interested most in enemy HQ. Good stealth, so hard to detect.

- Winston Liu,

Can also be a tactician, if you don’t have Mai. Can be an additional commander, if you need one.

- Valentine Kusanagi,

Very good stealth is her greatest advantage. Can be succesfull in assasination, just help her with tactics.
And above all, I consider her hot.

Field commanders:

- Ulisses Starke:

Prefered commander of your assault force. Can be slowed by Veangence Mecha, or artillery, which is quite a waste, when moving big army. Yet his task is to go straight for enemy, not wandering around. Raider abillity is one more thing helping you reach the enemy.

- Vladimir Kost,

Fast, so preffered commander of mobile defence team, or armored recon.

Possible tweaks:

I think about replacing one Leopard with another intellect. New deep recon unit would be helpful, but for this I would have to swap Vengeance with Tiger, which I don't want.

How it is played:

Staging Area is played towards one side of map, to get to one enemy faster. It can backfire, if there are mountains on that side.
I start with drawing a card. If there is an Industrial Center in my hand I gather resources to play it. Heroes do early recon near a HQ, playing them doesn’t interrupt playing HQ.
If I don’t have IC, I play Leopard right away.
Leopards do recon in the supply range, dealing with any enemy recon unit they encounter.
I muster an assault army, living one Leopard in the base, while deep recon hero is searching for enemy HQ. Assault army isn’t anything big – it’s a Leopard for controlling the nearest environment, and dealing with enemy heroes. EO & Cheetah are always included. One of two – Reaper artillery, or Vengeance mecha, and it’s enough in this stage of game for taking first enemy HQ. Messing with his collectors helps to weaken his HQ garrison, as assasination of heroes right before battle is.
Imperial Fire bases provide supply. They are always built on purpose of extending supply, no to defend resources. It’s absolute priority.
Than the whole process is reapeted.
Usually only with additional tech from enemy territory and base I can think about creating technologies. Not so with training and tactics – I play War College as fast, as I can. Even if I don’t have a tactician (and I have two in my deck – isn’t it a luxury?:)) training can be previded. Use usually just one – defence training – the decision I can vigorously argue is right.
Leopards are patrolling the area near my HQ to delay locating it, Kost has some forces (EO + Cheetah, Leopard) for patrolling, recon, and fast response to threats.
Air Defence System is built in the HQ, to deal with missiles and aircraft.

That’s pretty much it, nothing fancy, but it works.

Mutants give me the greatest pain. They good recon hunts my heroes, they field strong army fast, which gives me trouble, if they are first to deal with. They have Nod, and Black Hands, and they will find the way to Imperial HQ eventually.
They nuked me into oblivion once, as I said already. Beware of them.

I’m eager to know, how handy you find this deck. If someone is interested I will write an AAR with this deck – even fabularized. Though I am not sure, if somebody even will read this post.:)
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Re: Minimal Imperial deck - 100 points, 40 cards

Postby Indricotherium » Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:37 pm

Hey zig_zac!

Welcome to the forums, dead though they are. :P

I like the looks of your deck and have saved off the post to give it a whirl. I haven't played AE recently at all but it's still one of my all time favorites and playing a new deck, especially one not built by me, let's me try things out that I wouldn't do myself.

Also, your English is pretty damned good, if you ask me.

I'll try to report back on my experiences. I love AAR's, so if you write one, I'll read it.
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Re: Minimal Imperial deck - 100 points, 40 cards

Postby potatoedoughnut » Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:33 am

Hello & Welcome!

Yeah the forums are pretty slow, especially up here in AE, but there are still some people poking around.

The deck looks good, it's been a long time since I've played EoM so I might give this a try.

I'd also read an AAR, and your englilish is quite good.
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Re: Minimal Imperial deck - 100 points, 40 cards

Postby zig_zac » Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:24 am

So forum is not dead completely. Internet is a great thing.
I would be glad to read about your impressions from playing this deck.

Will start writing an AAR today (edit: it's already available here ).
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Re: Minimal Imperial deck - 100 points, 40 cards

Postby imperialus » Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:15 am

As long as I still have an internet connection this forum will never be completely dead. I might not poke my head in often, but I still do and seeing a shiny new deck has me salivating.

I like the deck. Lean, and mean. Pretty similar to my 40 card 100 point deck (that I think is posted around here somewhere) except I have a few Panthers in the mix instead of the Vengeance and I use Minotaurs instead of the Reaper just to keep the army's movement rate up. Your lack of deep recon outside of heroes also has me intrigued. That'll be a real game changer for my typical tactics.
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Re: Minimal Imperial deck - 100 points, 40 cards

Postby zig_zac » Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:20 pm

I am somewhat surprised with obviously common reverence for deep recon units. I mean, you always know, more or less, where enemy HQ is. And to get there you must place outpost somewhere on the edge of your supply range, and even blind guess is usually good enough. Than you can scout with normal recce units.
Besides, best imperial deep recon unit are rangers, and they are easily spotted, and than dispatched, as they are on the enemy territory. Which is quite a damage considering their price. Agents are cheap in terms of points and resources, they are harder to spot, they do their job, and can be lost without great remorse.
It is because I like to attack enemy HQ as soon, as I can, I try to put all my better units into one stack. Rangers would be a waste from this point of view.
I also think well of Panthers, as they are really formidable for this amount of resources, also can have a max. attack. So maybe putting just one Panther instead of EO would be good. Than, a Cheetah would be replaced with Leopard to meet cards limit. But I already have a lot of Leopards, and I can’t just copy your deck :) (which I’ve seen of course, as I read about every deck posted here). Also I really think profits from having powerful units are disproportionately big, so I saved points elsewhere.
There is also a problem with big stacks containing two Cheetah+EO combos. With just one first thing you do is to give EO infantry support, so they can withstand attacks. With two AI just attacks the other EO, so you need another round for infantry support, you must withstand one, usually the strongest attack, without support. So Cheetah+EO lose some of its appeal. Replacing one EO with Panther could be efficient. Though having a Reaper in stacks solves a problem somewhat, as AI dreams only about destroying your artillery. Of course it solves it by replacing it with another, but I think easier to manage. I wonder, if it works the same way with Minotaur. It would be nice, as it has more defense.
As to movement speed, if I have Vengeance, I can’t move fast anyway. So no need for fast artillery. And if it happens Kost is leading your killer stack, it’s no big difference between 4, or 5 movement points.
As you see, I can talk about this game a lot.
Thank you for dropping by.
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