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Machines Power Deck

Postby ker » Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:17 pm

Do you suck with a machine decks? I do. Well, it's not like I've never won a game with the metal fellas but it always felt forced. I've always either nuked everything to bits or crawled a stack of Colossi and Leviathans to their front door. It never quite seemed right, y'know? So I finally sat down and made a deck that could kick arse and feel good at the same time. I give you my power deck.

Download from here.

Code: Select all
Skeletors Mk III x 10
Sentinels x 5

Leviathan x 2

Colossus x 2
Styxx x 4
Hydra x 4

Spider Bots x 5

Battle Support:
Banshee Air Defense x 3
Apparition x 1
Wraith x2
Spectre x 1





Machine Citadel

Nexus x 2
Knowledge Node x 2
Conflict Node x 2
Industrial Pod x 2
Bio-harvest Pod x 1
Intelligence Node x 3

Staging Area
Shanty Towns

Game settings:
I play with AI resource bonus on and optional fuel rule off. The map is Large with two random opponents, common specials and cults. I also like to set the Max Card Points to the max (275) because as I discovered that means the AI fields much tougher units and it recovers from losses much better which makes things a bit more frantic. The rest is default.

Machines really are a change from my usual play style... My base assumption for the other decks is that the further you move your frontlines the longer you have to respond to any threat before it becomes critical. Not so with the Machines. The wisdom that I found to be true is not to over expand your borders. Over expand is the wrong phrase actually, expand would be more accurate.

I would suggest not to take anything you intend to hold outside of your initial supply range until you are going for the final push. Also, as someone who plays mainly the Xenos and Mutants it was a shock to have to rely on air support so much. Wraiths are gold. Use them to take out enemy Battle Support in their death-stacks and stray Reconnaissance that you can't catch up to otherwise. Later (or sooner, with tactic cards, if you are in a pinch) you can put one of two very deadly ammunitions – MGU-7 Penetrator and Doom Cannister (hang on, can you put a Nanite Cloud on aircraft?..). Which brings me to another point: a lot of your tech is very much of the fire-and-forget variety. This is something you should not shy away from as I did initially. With so many powerful Facility cards you can, and should, bring many of these armaments to bear. A tech card can be made again, but the unit they (or you) lost cannot.

So what are we going to be doing the arse-kickery with? No, not the Colossi and Leviathans. They are here for guard duty because I'm fickle. Styxx and Skeletors is what you need. Two Styxx and three Skeletors is my typical mix. Have each of them given a Defensive Nanites and loaded with Nanite Clouds (IMO it's better than Skeletor with Neuro Needlers but whatever). I have two Skeletors trained with NBC Training and one with Advanced Sniper Training. This should give you a lot of options when facing any enemy. On flat ground make sure to have the first move advantage and you can take the biggest units out with shock then it should be safe to assault. On rough ground you maybe better of saving the Styxx to do the damage after Skeletors take the defence down with normal attacks. Remember to Nanite Cloud anything you don't like the look of. Also, keep in mind that Sniper you've got. You're probably not going to take out a hero in one round but it could change the battle drastically if you stick at it and sink in the Fate it needs.

The rest is fairly obvious. Sentinels are for early collector building if you don't get any heroes and basic defence. Hydras to chase recon away... etc.

Changes to the deck that I'm thinking about:
With so many Sentinels I would like to trade in one or more of the Leviathans to get some Nerve Gas Minefields since I don't see a lot of those and it would fit the turtle nature of this deck. Another thing is it would be nice to work out a way to have the Revenant Platoon in the deck since I like the idea of them guys supported by airpower...

Well, hope someone finds this useful since this took forever to write for some reason :)

[Edit] Added tiles in to the deck list above.
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Re: Machines Power Deck

Postby Indricotherium » Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:37 pm

Oooooo... downloaded!

This looks interesting to me, I'll have to give it a whirl. It's funny, I generally have my resources on Rare/Rare and so tend to take several Terminals in my decks for expansion of supply lines or facility building. I'll be using your settings though at least for the first game. I like the deck and agree with much of what you write in terms of general Machine strategy. It'll be fun using Hydra's as I generally use stealthed Liches to bushwhack enemy recon entering my realm. The Sniper training is also an interesting choice I've never used - have to give that a whirl as well. And I can tell you from experience that Nerve Gas Minefields are a lot of fun due to their chance of taking out a weak unit or two and their breaking of enemy supply lines. If you're lucky enough to get a map with a lot of choke points they become even more useful.

Oh, and you can equip Skeletors (all infantry I believe) with both a weapon and a munition (Needlers and Nanite Cloud). I've noticed this is true across all the races. Not sure when it changed... the extra attachment ability means that you can attach two weapons, I'm not sure if it will let you do two weapons and a munition... will have to test...
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Re: Machines Power Deck

Postby ker » Fri Jul 23, 2010 5:24 pm

(hang on, can you put a Nanite Cloud on aircraft?..)

Nope, turns out you can't. No biggy though, the other ammunitions are more than good enough IMO.

To Indricotherium:
Yeah, with Uncommon/Common you rarely need to set up a base for supply. Plus since you are turtling you can just use what the enemy has built by the time they get to you ;) Nexuses are there mainly to house all the facilities you've got. Also I'm having a think about playing on Rare/Common since most special have some R Gen anyway but I'm worried that'll make it harder for the AI without facility cards...

The sniper training is a bit weird. Part of it is they become major bullet magnets. But also you don't really use them all the time (since I'd much rather capture the general). That said having a sniper there has changed the tables around on a couple of occasions so it sticks around. And it does give you the freedom not have an assassin posturing defensively at all times.

Heh, I had no idea about the attachment and ammunition distinction (or if I did I've long since forgotten it). Thanks for telling me about it :) It is very interesting indeed. I wonder what I could do with a stealthy Nanite Cloud... :twisted:
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Re: Machines Power Deck

Postby Indricotherium » Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:43 pm

Had a wild game with this on huge, 3 random, rare/rare, cults, 275/10. Only change I made was cashing in a Nexus for 2 Terminals.

Got the Plague Cult and had to turtle way up to enable Reconicus and his 3 Hydra, 1 Spiderbot army to cover my areas in time to take out incoming Plague agents. Even so, lost two areas to plague before I managed to create a cure. My Geneticist 5 hero and the Supply +3 hero (forget their names, at work, shhh!) were in the last 5 cards of the deck (!!!). The Xeno's to the north took out the Imperials to the west. I finally located the Plague Hut with Arnold (Vindictus) (Crypticus and Obscurious also out looking) and sent Diaboliqua in a Skin Suit to pay the Plague Mother a visit. That done, I struck due north and surprised the Xeno's with Maladictus (I think, the +2 Move General) and his pimped out 2 Styx, 3 Mark III army. All nanite-ed up the gills (defense and cloud) and with defensive training to boot. Much to my happiness I found the Xenos had the Viewer installed at their HQ and an Egg Chamber over by the old Human HQ. Woo Hoo! I took that over and hatched two Monstrosities for the giggles and then marched around the map flattening every last thing (independents and leftover human and Xeno armies) before a titanic showdown with the Mutants. I didn't even assassinate any of them first.

Pretty tense game up until I whacked the Plague and the Xenos then fun mopping up. I'll be playing this deck again for sure, I like the force mix.
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Re: Machines Power Deck

Postby ker » Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:06 pm

Just bumped in to R'lyah leading a full stack of Monstrosities, Bio-mecha and everything else on a defensive tile. Sniper training – worthwhile :D
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