MecDek I'm trying at the mo.

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MecDek I'm trying at the mo.

Postby colony » Thu May 06, 2010 8:10 pm

This is my 1st attempt at scratch bulding a deck so bare with me a bit. I'd love some feedback as to how seasoned players find it and if it's lacking in any areas. Aiming this deck to play like a cross between Necrons in WH 40K and Borg in ST Armada 2. It seems to capture the playstyle right but is pretty random on its success rate.

Points 225
Tile Points 10

Machine Wastes x1
Junkyards x1
Ashplains x1

Skeletons MkII x5
Sentinals x4

Elite Infantry
Scourge Platoon x5

Behemoth x3

Colossus x3

Reconnaissance Bots
Ghost Probe Bot x5

Battle Support
Shade Mobile Arty x3
Masoleum Mobile HQ x2

Special Ops Teams
Hunter Killer Team x5

Machine Airpower
Apparition x1
Wraith x1

Generals of the Empire
Maledictus x1
Tormentia x1
Infernicus x1

Scouts of the Empire
Arachnia x1

Agents of the Empire
Diaboliqia x1

Intellects of the Empire
Primus x1
Mechanicus x1
Relicus x1
Miseria x1
Eruditus x1

Machine Strongholds
Crashed Troop Pod x1

Military Facilities
Nexus x2
Terminus x3
Air Defence Node x3

Research Facilities
Knowledge Node x2
Conflict Node x3

Infrastructure Facilities
Industrial Pod x3
Bio-harvest Pod x1

C3I Facilities
Intellingence Node x2 (yes, it's spelt wrong in the deck builder as well)
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Re: MecDek I'm trying at the mo.

Postby Indricotherium » Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:27 am

Hey Colony!

I've saved it off and hope to give it a go, just don't expect feeedback based on making it more 'killer'. I like themed decks and a good theme, in my eyes, trumps power every time. A cursory once over to me shows a complete lack of SpiderBots, which I love, so it will be interesting playing with Hunter Killer teams and Ghost Probes instead as I don't see them as very survivable with their low stealth. But that's why God gave us terrain bonuses!
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Re: MecDek I'm trying at the mo.

Postby Indricotherium » Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:01 pm

Well, I played this deck several times. It's definitely fun to play. I did find, as I expected, that recon and deep recon (stealthed heros for the Machines) was definitely on the weak side and that I was overwhelmed with facilities to build. Also for its size I often have trouble digging down to get a general to lead the army into battle. One game Arachnia was the best I had in the field for the longest time.

I don't want to suggest changes that would change the flavor of the deck. I do have a few that I don't think will do that and that work within the structure of the forces you've chosen.

This first is to swap out Arachnia for Reconicus. R has stealth capabilities while A doesn't, this let's him work much better with a Ghost Probe or even HK Team (though they have no recon) and alone he can help Diaboliqua out on the deep recon end of things (out beyond your supply lines). The HK Teams and Ghosts were surprisingly useful even though they were slowed to a crawl when out of supply. I did dearly miss my Spiderbots with their recon 8 though. I found that high stealth enemy heroes were nearly impossible to detect without them. That made for some exciting times at the old HQ! The best might be to pull 1 Ghost and 2 HK Teams and add Reconicus and 2 Spiderbots, then you'd have the best of both worlds. Not sure if the points add up though...

The second would be to make changes in the 'supply' end of the deck. Currently you have the (I forget who is who, Primus or Mechanicus) hero who extends your supply by 3 hexes in the field. Plus 2 Mausoleums for mobile supply, plus 2 Nexus and 3 Terminus. Even playing a huge map with Rare resources and Rare specials I never had need for that many supply options. I think you could back that down a bit, suiting your own play style. For me that would be cutting the two Nexus's and *maybe* 1 Mausoleum.

Lastly are the air defense nodes. I never ever used them. It's rare that your base comes under missile attack and they eat up a precious facility spot. I'd swap them out for Banshees who can travel with the army in the field or act as a garrison as well as fufill their role as AA.

So there we are. A pretty good first deck in my opinion, very playable even as is.
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