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Postby imperialus » Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:56 pm

*Ouch!* That didn't end well...

30+ turns in on a huge rare/rare vs Xenos and mutants and I had not drawn a single facility, and hadn't found an independent base. Mutant scout found me, assasinated Mai (my only general). Marched a couple dragons in in and crushed my poor defensive units led by Strangelove.

I think I'm going to add another research facility to this deck and give it another try. :oops:
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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby imperialus » Sat Sep 27, 2008 7:14 pm

Just finished a game with this deck. Posted an AAR here:

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Re: Deck: Manhattan Project

Postby deworde » Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:27 am

The target you set is just about perfect in my opinion. Just enough challenge without being ridiculously hard.
I was playing this with the Tip of the Spear Optional Fuel Rules, which makes moving your armoured units around unbelievably expensive in terms of Energy, which is a pain for your research. Adds a nice edge though.
My Story
I had appalling luck with my draws and recon, but finally I managed to place my firebase near enough to the Machine HQ to fire a missile, and then drew Strangelove as a tactician, which allowed me to defend the Landing Strip with my relatively small army of Imperial Infantry and Leopards. I blew huge amounts of resources and tactics cards getting the AlphOm on Turn 28. Turn 29, with the few remaining energy credits left to me, my JSF slammed a nuke into the heart of their troop pod.
While I wasn't looking, the Mechs had moved their HQ.
Interesting how many swearwords there are in the world...
...[Some Time Passes]...
Diaboliqua assassinated Vincent Mudge, crippling my ability to expand into the Xenoc base. Fortunately I killed the Geishabot, but still couldn't find the Mech base.
I gave up and went to scout the Xeno encampment, planning to wipe out any of their forward bases with nukes. Then my scouts found a raider fort on the Great Bern, which had been left unguarded.
...[Some More Time Passes]...
Been fighting hit and run base control with the. Managed to take out their stack of a Corrupter, 3 Destroyers and an Abomination, although only with heavy losses to my Infantry and Leopard stack, and even one of my God Soldiers.
Still haven't found the mech base, but they're stuck on 3 dice, and I've heard nothing from them, so I assume it has no resources. Also, the bloody xenocs are a much, much bigger problem. Man this is fun!
...[Even More Time Passes]...
Used a set of God Soldiers (thank you Mr Zarkov!) to capture the Xeno HQ, just before a Xenoc stack o' Doom hit my own, then went an explorin' for the Mekks. Turns out they'd found the Camouflaged and Hardened "Secret Military Base", and were wandering around with an EVO and a few remnants, but no resources to build anything else. Dropped a nuke, which softened up everythin except for the EVO and a Shock Trooper, which were out of town, and then marched in with 3 God Soldiers for a victory.
Incidentally EVO vs. God Soldier. The battle that you'll win, given an infinite amount of patience...
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