Yearly Report: The Underhive Corporation

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Yearly Report: The Underhive Corporation

Postby Keypunch » Sun Apr 12, 2009 3:14 am

This is an AAR based on this deck, which was modded so as to represent the "neutral" faction.

From the diary of the CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Underhive Corporation:

Turn 3: Full Board Meeting
Three Underhive Security Force (USF) Patrols have been sent out to locate the Xenopod and Machine bases. So far, nothing to report. Board members suggest increasing the priority of patrols to finding resources. The Underhive is running a full production capacity, but there's a lack of raw materials. Motion accepted, instructions will be forwarded to patrols. Board adjourns. Decision on requisitions, such as ocular implants for Deputy Security Officer Slade will have to wait.

Turn 5: Teleconference
USF Patrol Group Beta has reached perimeter of a ruined city to the NorthEast. Reports city is inhabited. Contact mission to city was not succesful and lead to the loss of the lives of three Underhive personnel. Apparently they've been eaten by inhabitants. Video footage followed. Glad I didn't have lunch meeting beforehand.

Turn 5: Lunch Meeting
Very Impressed with new Chief Logistical Officer Duke. "The Duke" as they call him has been able to push our logistical supply chain further than we thought possible and reports that Patrol Group Beta has stumbled upon some resources (mainly technological). Also very comfortable with explanation given by Duke for recent worryinbg reports about power fluctuations. Will increase his budget.

Turn 6: Memo from Science & Technology Department
Satellite Uplink Center has been completed. Expect results soon. Will have opening party. Business casual required. Should increase efficiency of USF Patrols

Turn 7: Operational Reports
Slight hangover. Satellite imagery very valuable. Xenopod and Machine bases have been located. Must deal with two junior officers who broke protocol during Uplink Center office party and harassed Ms. Casca, Ruin Raider ally. May need to postpone inquiry until they're out of sickbay. Doctor assures me they'll be able to heal most of the broken bones. Mental note: Ask Duke about missing painkiller supplies reported by doctor.

Turn 10: Security Briefing
Our first contact has been made with the machines. Spider Robots attacked a Materials Team in the Northeast. Have provided Ms. Casca with USF Patrol Forces to deal with this problem. Mental Note: Involve R&D, spider technology looks profitable.

Turn 15: R&D Breakthrough
Attended opening ceremony of latest R&D project with Deputy Security Officer Slade. R&D revealed new Omicron-2000 supercomputer. Full integration and control over all automated aspects of the Underhive. Apparently 100% foolproof and fully redundant parts. Slade at first not amused that Omicron-2000 could control his implants. Changed opinion, only wanted to talk about flowers. There also a new Anti-Air Harbinger Mech deployed as part of integration.
Mental note: Pod Bay Doors of Harbinger Mech Hangar were left open. Must ask Duke.

Turn 16: Facility Tour
Ms. Casca has erected a Raider Fortress at the front with Machines. Construction looks rather shoddy, Ms. Casca claims low quality building material. Duke denies inferior material, blames lack of QA by local contractors.

Turn 16: Security Report
Deputy Chief of Security Slade was attacked by rogue Xenopod operative. Reports loss of limb. Requisitioned new bionic arm for him. Duke informs me currently out of stock. Typical.

Turn 18: Acquisiton Completed
Ruined city was cleared of cannibals. Frightened inhabitants welcomed our Allied Security Forces. Immediately contracted them for labour to repay debt to Underhive Corporation for security services provided. Duke suggested appointing "Ganger" Team to supervise execution of contract. Very efficient.

Turn 23: Security Briefing
Good news. Crashed Troop Pod, the main base of operations of Machines has been target of succesful takeover bid by Underhive Security Forces. USF Patrol Beta provided a diversion, while Deputy Chief of Security Slade defeated Cyborgs guard foce at the base. Has acquired required bionic limb locally. Asked if "that damn computer" has been shut down yet. Asked Duke about computer, after I discovered it had a few blind sensor spot near supply stores level. Duke's looking into it. Reports "just a software glitch".

Turn 26: Networking
The Blue Jade Princess has arrived at Underhive HQ. Thoroughly enjoyed networking with her. Duke assures me that Omicron computer camera's had been switched off in private quarters to ensure privacy. DCOS Slade reported contact with Xenopods. I have authorised use of USF helicopters. Will impress Princess tomorrow with news of opening of new research lab at former Machine base.

Turn 30: Daily Briefing
DCOS Slade has established Raider-style Fortress at Northwest-front to oppose Xenopod Forces. Authorised budget increase for Duke to have him deal with problem with video camera's in the guest quarters. Turns out they had not been turned off. Rebooting of Omicron not possible, Omicron apparently will go into full automatic defense mode, assuming Underhive has been taken over. Asked DCOS Slade for guidance. He only wanted to discuss flowers.

Turn 33: Security Briefing
Massive Xenopod Force (2x Corrupter Units, Enzyme thrower unit, lead by Xenopod designated R'lyeh) headed towards Raider Fortress. Have relieved DCOS Slade of command, because every time I ask about computer, he starts singing "Daisy" song. Mutant Allied Commander Humongous will take over.

Turn 34: Security Briefing: Update
Mutant Allied Commander Humongous has apparently moved all forces towards Xenopod thread. Ballsy move. Losses limited to Mutant Rocket Artillery (acceptable). Lost USF Patrol to aerial attack. Will inform next of kin of their payment options to pay off debt of breach of contract caused by premature expiration of said USF service personnel.

Duke informs me that all possible forces have been commited. Reminded me of camera incident when asked him what he was planning to do with excess resources.

Have contracted "Slaver" agents for special assignment.

Turn 35: Full Board Meeting
Slightly Hungover after company party: Contracted Slavers have delivered! Termination of R'lyeh as per contract requirements. MAC Humongous moved in and destroyed remaining Corrupter unit. Slaver unit halso as taken over Xenopod Tunnel Hive. Negotiating terms for handing over Xenopod Eggs and Queen. Machine and Xenopod activity in sector has been erased.

Pondering contracting Slaver unit for further consulting work. Underhive efficiency seems to be suffering under current Duke management and escalating IT problems...
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Re: Yearly Report: The Underhive Corporation

Postby LapinDuracell » Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:31 pm

Very fun AAR with a modded deck ! I enjoyed reading it during my lunch break and am eager to try your new deck.
Thanks for your work, AE forum is a small community but love for this game is widespread...
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Re: Yearly Report: The Underhive Corporation

Postby Indricotherium » Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:36 pm

Hah! Extremely funny read. Can't wait to try out the deck myself as well.

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