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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:22 pm
by Indricotherium
This was great fun to read, I love all the different flavors of AARs you get with these games.

Grabbing save but again, probably no time to play :( so if anyone else does just post that you are taking the next set!

Re: Node Ship Eidolan

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:54 pm
by deworde
General Situational Command Module……Disabled
Emergency Primary Situational Command Module……Disabled
Emergency Secondary Situational Command Module/Intercom System Administrator……Enabled

[Full System Reboot Initialising]
[Spectrographic analysis confirms 10 yottacycles have elapsed]
[Analysis of Mainframe suggests sentient viral subroutine destabilised key processes and assumed command]
[Anti-Viral systems report IntelliVirus has been quarantined]
[Re-establishing control systems]
[IntelliVirus appears to have defined itself to control systems as Emergency Tertiary Situational Command]
[Analysis of IntelliVirus will be continued]
[Control systems re-established]

Eidolon Tactical Log
Analysis determines that Mutant forces have been entirely eliminated.
Unit Alpha currently on reconnaissance in Eastern Sector. PRIORITY: Adjust Unit Alpha Position to defend against increased Xenopod Activity
Recon Units in North Eastern Sector (Creepy) and Western Sector (Spider/Spider Bots).
Stealth Recon Unit in Eastern Sector.
Unit Dia in Northern Sector. PRIORITY: Assign Unit Dia to covert ops against Xenopod forces

Turn 41:
Western Recon Unit detects single Xenopod recon unit and Xenopod force led by Sh'ryub.
Unit Sh'ryub Comprises:

Assigning Unit Dia to disrupt Xenopod Forces. Xenopod Commander Sh'ryub is eliminated.
New Unit (Beta) Formed at HQ, led by Hub Unit Tormentia.
Unit Beta Comprises:
1 Behemoth from HQ Garrison.
1 Skeletor from Reserve Forces

Moving Unit Mothership Crew to reassign Scourge Platoon to Unit Beta.
Moving Unit Spider from Gray Barrens defence. Unit Beta will replace.

Turn 42:
Unit Spider Bots Discovers Mecha Design Lab outside of supply.
Scourge Platoon reassigned from Mothership Crew to Unit Beta.
Unit Beta moves to defend Gray Barrens.
Unit Mothership Crew moves to begin collection at LZ X-Ray.
Unit Alpha begins moving to assault Palace of Love. Halts to construct resource collectors at Radiation Ruins.

Turn 43:
Unit Dia may be being tracked by Xenopod Recon.
Xenopod Force previously led by unit Sh'ryub leaves scanning range.
Unit Beta arrives at Gray Barrens. Skeletor Mk III added to Unit Beta.
Unit Creepy discovers Weapons Cache. Chain Gun recovered. Will be assigned to Unit Beta.

Turn 44:
Unit Spider discovers Observation Post in Western Sector.
Provides Supply for Western Sector
Provides some scanning ability in Western Sector
Not within defined Zone of Control; may not be worth assigning forces to garrison at this stage.
Unit Spider will continue North to scout Xenopod encampment.

Unit Creepy discovers Mutant Unit Ravager. Unit appears to be under the effect of mental conditioning.
Unit Alpha moves to Kin Home. Spider Bot exchanged for Harpy. Repairs will begin within next yottacycle. Spider Bot will be assigned to separate Recon-Dedicated force.

Turn 45:
Unit Alpha Fully Repaired. Zombie Launcher cleared for Defensive Nanite Upgrade programme.
Unit Alpha Assigned to Assault Love Cult Fortress.
Western Recon discovers Xenopod Organism and Energy Collectors. Analysis of activities, coupled with detected military activity, suggest nearby HQ. PRIORITY: Assign Units Spider and Spider Bot to confirm

Turn 46:
Units Spider and Spider Bots encounter Xenopod HQ.
ANALYSIS SUGGESTS DEFENCE IS MINIMAL. PRIORITY: Assign Unit Beta to begin immediate assault.

Criteria for failure:
Unexpected Unit Detection in critical area.
Significant reinforcement of Xenopod HQ detected.
Destruction of Unit Beta
[UPDATE [TURN 48]] Xenopod HQ is moved to Imperial Citadel.
Failure Response:
Retreat Unit Beta to Observation Post if possible
Begin Nuclear Bombardment against Xenopod HQ

Unit Obscuria retrieved from Reserves. Assigned to Unit Silicon Nightmare. Mission: Disrupt Xenopod Forces.

Turn 47:
Unit Beta begins movement towards Xenopod HQ.
Unit Alpha contructs Research Collector.
Spider Bot assigned to Unit Scavenger. Unit moves to support Unit Alpha.
Xenopod Unit led by Ptah detected near Xenopod HQ.
Xenopod Force comprises:

Analysis suggests force is insufficient to override Priority Command O.N.E.
Unit Spider Bots detect Xenopod Secondary Base defined as Jinga Tower. Analysis: Heavy Resource production/Minor Defence.

Turn 48:
Unit Dia destealths, takes control of Mecha Design Lab.
ALERT: Unit Creepy detects significant Xenopod and Love Cult Forces in Northern Sector
Garrison: [Psyker Team + 2 * Larvae]
Unit R'lyah
Unit S'lugpha [2 * Corruptors]
[Monstrosity + Destroyer + Reaver + Consorts]
[Ravager (mutant) + Critters (xenopod)]
Detailed Analysis:
Unit Creepy in MASSIVE danger.
If uncommanded Xenopod force enters R'lyah's field of control, threat level of combined forces of Units R'lyah and S'lugpha is increased to TOTAL. Threat level of individual units is NEAR TOTAL.
Proceed with Priority Command O.N.E. If O.N.E. failure states are reached, begin stockpiling nuclear weaponry.

Unit Scavenger seizes abandoned Imperial Fire Base
Provides additional supply
Provides air strike capability against Imperial Citadel and Love Cult.
Too close to major Xenopod Hub. Not worth assigning forces to.
If Unit Creepy survives, move it to Fire Base for repairs.

Unit Creepy destroyed by Xenopod Air Assault.

Turn 49:
Unit Beta is being slowed by difficult terrain.
Tasking Unit Spider to ensure that Xenopod Reinforcements have not arrived at Xenopod HQ.
Unit Silicon Nightmare has destroyed Xenopod Tech Collection facility.
Units Dia and Silicon Nightmare will arrive at Xenopod HQ within a yottacycle.

Turn 50:
Unit Scavenger destroyed by Xenopod Air Assault.
ALERT: Unit Gangrel detected at LZ X-Ray NEXT TO HQ. Resource Collectors in LZ X-Ray destroyed.
Unit Beta continues towards Xenopod HQ.
Air Strikes launched against Unit Gangrel. Target damaged but still functioning.
Units Dia and Silicon Nightmare stalled due to high-priority ALERT.

Current Status:
Units Beta, Dia and Silicon Nightmare closing on Xenopod HQ.
Unit Alpha stalled pending status of Priority Command O.N.E.
Gangrel in close proximity to HQ. Elimination strongly recommended.

Current plan:
Continue with Priority Command O.N.E.
ANALYSIS SUGGESTS DEFENCE OF XENOPOD HQ IS MINIMAL. COMMANDS: Assign Unit Beta to begin immediate assault. Assign Units Dia and Obscuria to perform Assault Support Operations.

Criteria for failure:
Unexpected Unit Detection in critical area.
Significant reinforcement of Xenopod HQ detected.
Destruction of Unit Beta
[UPDATE [TURN 48]] Xenopod HQ is moved to Imperial Citadel.
Failure Response:
Retreat Unit Beta to Observation Post if possible
Begin Nuclear Bombardment against Xenopod HQ

Re-assign Recon forces to scan Imperial Citadel and Palace of Love
Deploy a Colossus and DESTROY THE GANGREL.

Current Map Estimate:

ALERT ALERT QUARANTINE FAILURE. IntelliVirus corrupting secondary sys... DaisyDaisywhydothecowsgomooPigeonsmatePigeons

Re: Node Ship Eidolan

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:27 pm
by deworde
And it was going so well, too. Bloody Gangrels.

Okay, the Northern Xenopod Units will become a threat, but I'd focus on hitting the Xenopod HQ. Get the HQ, and they'll fold.
After that, it's two heavily armed units and 75-80% of the map against some independent Xenos and the Love Cult. Dealer's choice.
If you can get a shot at the Gangrel without risking the HQ, do it, but your priority should be the base. The chances that the Gangrel will assault your HQ on its own are minimal, and your Skeletors should be able to see it off.

I hope to see the Machine Flag raised by turn 60.