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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby deworde » Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:26 pm

Can't get the file. "User exceeded daily bandwidth limit." How big are the files post-zipping? Could we use
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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby ker » Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:49 pm

The file’s 800 KB big. Here’s a link
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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby deworde » Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:40 pm

Eidolon Tactical Log
Turn 21:
Unit Spider in West Sector encounter camp of human refugees while performing deep recon; human resources shipped back to main storage for processing.
Unit Alpha moves to engage human reconnaissance; unit destroyed. Analysis suggests humans non-local.
Unit Ghost Probe moves to analyse Northern sector; analyses Love Cult Fortress.
Unit Dia encounters weapons cache; chain gun recovered.

Turn 22:
Unit Dia encounters independent forces. Remaining cloaked.
Unit Slade's Marauders moves to engage human reconnassance. ALERT: ICBM Silo Complex currently undefended.
Unit Empiricus made available. Disposal delayed until lab recovery.
Unit Mothership Crew moving to LZ X-Ray; planning for resource recovery.

Turn 23:
Units Ghost Probe and Spider Bots capture Necrosis.
Unit Dia assigned to approach The Polarr Bluffs with view to locating source of Mutant forces.

Turn 24:
Attack by Xenoceptor severely damages Unit Spider in Northwest Territories, just out of ICBM Silo's supply. Suggests location of Xenopod base/potential for expansion.
Xenopod Consorts approach Unit Spider.
Unit Spider retreats towards Unit Alpha.
Unit Dia encounters pair of Mutant Eviscerators. Analysis suggests they were recovered from a dragon roost on The Polar Bluffs. Also encounters a set of Mutant Change Vats.
Unit Spider Bots encounters a Supply Cache. Materials and Energy shipped to base.

Turn 25:
Unit Spider returns to ICBM Silo Complex to repair.
Unit Dia encounters massive mutant force:
Commander Pax
Skull Crushers
Pack Artillery
2 * Termagants

Significant Threat posed. Plan initiated: Unit Dia will assassinate leader of Mutant force. Units Slade's Marauders and Alpha will destroy remnant forces.

Unit Dia finds Dragon Roost looted. Significant danger posed by Eviscerator commandos.

Turn 26:
Unit Dia reports a secondary army has joined Commander Pax. This army composed of Mungos and Slaughterers.
Unit Slade's Marauders engages Cannibal Gang south of The Polar Bluffs. One Mercenary killed. Area Taken. Terminus constructed. Commander Pax's forces now within Supply.
Unit Dia assassinates Commander Pax.
Mutant Outrider destroys Scrap Collector South of The Kinrod Wastes
Mutant Outrider joins Commander Pax's forces. Outrider is believed to be searching for Unit Dia.

Turn 27:
Unit Spiders encounters Abandoned Military Base, Flechette Gun recovered.
Unit Alpha engages Mutant Army. Pitched battle. Upgraded Termagent destroyed. Army retreats. Missileers destroyed. Several units badly injured.

Turn 28:
Unit Alpha destroys Mutant Change vats.
Unit Slade's Marauders moves to Polar Bluffs to commandeer Research facility. Encounters Mungo and Slaughterer units. Mercenary destroyed. Slade's Marauders retreat to Terminus.

Mutants destroy collectors in Ghost Town.
Mutants lay seige to Terminus. Unit Alpha deprived of Supply.

Turn 29:
Mutant Eviscerators attack Out-Of-Supply Unit Alpha. Eviscerators destroyed without machine casualties.
Unit Alpha returning to Terminus to relieve seige; captures Dragoon Roost in passing.
Unit Spiders encounter Horde Thul commanded by Sh'ryub. Need to re-task units to defend ICBM Silo Complex against Xenopod forces.

Turn 30:
Human Forces Appear To Have Been Destroyed. Troubling.
Mutant Outrider encounters minefield. Outrider Undamaged.
Mutant Forces Attack Terminus. Slade's Marauders weakened by seige. Slade's Marauders destroyed. Seargent Slade killed.
Mutant Forces Attack Unit Alpha. Alpha Out-Of-Supply. Mutant Eviscerator killed. Unit Alpha retreats. Unit Alpha heavily damaged, but no fatalities.
Unit Alpha recaptures Terminus. Unit Alpha Skeletors repaired.

Current Status:
Unit Alpha Damaged, but still believed capable of destroying Mutant Forces.
ICBM Silo Complex undefended. This requires immediate resolution.

Current plan:
Use reconnaissance to detect threats from Xeno and Mutant forces.
Construct secondary army around Tormentia to defend ICBM Silo Complex area from Xenos.
Upgrade Unit Alpha with looted weapons. Expand into Mutant Domain with Unit Alpha. Use Unit Dia to identify and break up large forces, and capture Mutant Bases for expansion.

Current Map Estimate:
--------DEAD HUMANS-----

Current Link:
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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby deworde » Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:52 pm

Well, I got Slade's Marauders killed, but I always get Slade's Marauders killed. What I really regret is leaving the ICBM Complex undefended for so long. My successor's first job should be to reinforce it, before Sh'ryub's Xenomorphs and Biomechas wipe it out. Tormentia and the Behemoth in the HQ should be enough to hold them off in the short term, but I'd imagine that area's gonna get tentacley fast.
I managed to seriously damage the mutant army with Unit Alpha, but didn't cause as many fatalities as I'd have liked. And then while I was raiding the new border, those commandos I'd been worried about took me out of supply. Fortunately Mk III Skeletors kicked serious Eviscerator ass, and Unit Alpha managed to fight its way back to the Terminus and begin repairing. If you look to our Northeast Border, the action's currently buzzing around the Dragon Roost.
God knows what happened to the Humans, and the Love Cult's still suspiciously quiet.

Also, I ran this deck, and my lord, it's barebones! Only the most mediocre tactician, no genetics, spectacularly small number of bases for the map size, especially for a Mech army. Under the circumstances, I'd say the best bet is to start churning out tech weaponry, and make damn sure that no assassins get to our heroes.
What I'm delicately hinting at is Gravitic bombs with a side order of "Resistance is Futile". Assuming Tyranicus can actually research that high...

Still, could have been worse. I don't even want to think about what the Plague Mother would have done to this deck.
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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby Indricotherium » Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:26 am

Love the write up, grabbed the file. No promises I'll get to it though, RL continues to hold me in a death grip.

But this was awesome. :D
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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby Fizish » Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:12 am

Hey, I hadn't checked this board in several months, and enjoyed reading the Golden Egg thread in particular. It looks like this thread has stalled a bit. If nobody else is able to go I'd be happy to play 10 tomorrow night and get this ball rolling again.
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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby greymalkin » Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:58 am

Jump right on in!
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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby Fizish » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:40 am

Here's the game at turn 40. The AAR isn't quite finished, I'll be posting it tomorrow.
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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby deworde » Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:14 am

Fantastic. I played the 20-30 round, but if no-one wants it within 7 days (post-AAR), I'll grab it.
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Re: Node Ship Eidolan

Postby Fizish » Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:25 pm

Emergency Tertiary Situational Command/Local Organic Entertainment and Control Module enabled.

---Ship Command Systems Report---
General Situational Command Module….Disabled
Emergency Primary Situational Command Module….Disabled
Emergency Secondary Situational Command Module/Intercom System Administrator….Disabled
Running Dr Holmes Command Module debugger….failed
***Assuming situational command of Ship Eidolon***
Attempting to shut down Local Organic Entertainment and Control (LOEC) subsystem….failed
Unable to complete LOEC subsystem shutdown

Command status report suite engaged

---Threat Report---
* Adjusted Organic Life Form (AOLF) <Outrider> unit present at minefield NE of Central Operations. Script of potentially successful organic entertainment film “Dinosaurs in a Mine Field” produced by LOEC subsystem. Threat level: Irritating.
* 2 AOLF units occupy Technological Structure <Dragon Roost> N of Terminus Facility 1310. Site nomenclature suggests genetic capabilities compatible with AOLF units. AOLF military presence consists of 3 units and 1 researcher/commander <Vrull> Threat level: Alarming.
* Citadel of unknown ownership located several distance units N of Central Operations. Site designated <Love Mountain>. Threat level: Negligible.

---Current Capability/Asset Report---
* Central Operations: Staffed by Military Chief of Staff <Tormentia>, includes command headquarters, tactical academy.
* Mothership Crew: Research/Repair Unit <Volticus>, 1 heavy infantry unit. Unit mobile, operational. Suggested Mission: Patrol Central Operations proximate zone.
* Alpha: Tactical Force Unit <Maledictus>, 1 mechanized unit, 3 heavy infantry units, 2 medium infantry units. Unit mobile, suboptimum operational status. Suggested Mission: Eliminate AOLF force at <Dragon Roost>.
* Reconnaissance drone units <Spider Bots> and <Ghost Probe Bot> located at supply perimeter. Suggested mission: Reconnaissance.
* Focused elimination unit <Diaboliqia> located near suspected AOLF command center. Suggeested mission: Locate AOLF command center, eliminate command units.

* Unit Alpha returned to fully operational status, outfitted with available weapons.
* Reanimated Deceased Organic Life Launcher attached to Unit Alpha
* Unit Alpha ordered to assault <Dragon Roost>
* No Alpha casualties, 2 AOLF units annihilated. Researcher unit <Vrull> observed escaping with 1 dragon unit.
* AOLF unit <Vrull> assaults Alpha during consolidation of <Dragon Roost>, AOLF unit annihilated, <Vrull> slain while evading capture. Recording of hunt for <Vrull> highly rated for intensity and gore by LOEC subsystem, stored for future use.

* <Ghost Probe Bot> observes poorly organized AOLF military formation. No AOLF leader identified. Unit designated <Headless Horde>
* ALERT Terminus Facility 1310 captured by AOLF <Outrider> unit.
* Alpha redeployed to recover Terminus Facility 1310. AOLF garrison consists of 1 <Outrider> unit, 1 <Gargantuas> unit. The 2 units do not appear integrated. <Maledictus> reports favorable calculations of victory.
* Alpha ordered to storm Terminus Facility 1310. All AOLF units annihilated. 1 unit heavy infantry lost.
* <Ghost Probe Bot> discovers undefended AOLF outpost NE of <Dragon Roost>, new site designated <Empty Gourd>. <GPB> secures <Empty Gourd>, reengages onboard cloaking system. New priority: Deploy garrison unit to <Empty Gourd>.
* <Diaboliqia> encounters Organic Life Form (OLF) caravan, ordered to process, package, ship OLFs.

* Examination of catalogued schematics and supplies does not reveal an adequate garrison unit for <Empty Gourd>. Uncatalogued schematics and supplies are scanned into database, still no adequate garrison unit found.
* <Diaboliqia> encounters undefended large-scale AOLF resource collection complex, new site designated <Empty Ruins>. Unit destroys 4 separate resource collection facilities. <Empty Ruins> possibly adjacent to AOLF command center.
* Administration of processed OLF units assigned to LOEC subsystem. Preliminary tests indicate low level of utility.

* <Spider Bots> unit observes ENEMY special operations unit. ENEMY unit appears unsupplied and in poor condition, appears to believe itself successfully cloaked. <Spider Bots> unit mission revised to maintain observation on ENEMY unit until annihilation is possible.
* Gunship unit <Wraith> ordered to strike ENEMY special operations. Enemy unit annihilated.
* Previously observed AOLF formation <Headless Horde> approaches <Empty Gourd>
and <Dragon Roost>. Alpha mobilized to engage <Headless Horde> immediately. 4 AOLF units are annihilated. 1 AOLF <Termagent> survives engagement in marginal condition.
* Gunship unit <Wraith> ordered to strike AOLF <Termagent>. Target is hit with minimal results. AOLF unit escapes observation.

* AOLF Command Center discovered by <Diaboliqia>. Compound is lightly defended by 1 infantry unit and 1 heavily damaged <Termagent>.
* Targeted elimination of AOLF Administrator <Haploid> is immediately ordered. Task is successfully completed by <Diaboliqia>.
* Opportunity Assessment Matrix suggests immediate assault on AOLF Command Center is optimum. Alpha ordered to assault Command Center.
* AOLF CC cleared without losses, site designated <Victory Site>
* Research module constructed at Central Operations by Military Chief of Staff <Tormentia>.
* <Spider Bots> unit observes ENEMY reconnaissance unit accompanied by 1 commanding unit. New <Spider Bots> mission: Hunt ENEMY commanding unit after ENEMY reconnaissance unit is removed.
* Intensive LOEC subsystem testing indicates possible OLF breeding program. OLFs subdued by Electrical Discharge Melee Instruments and video recordings of tactical engagements.

* Physical evidence gathered at <Victory Site> suggests organized AOLF resistance is ended. Remaining known opposing forces: ENEMY, <Love Mountain> controllers, now designated LOVE.
* <Spider Bots> unit loses sight of ENEMY reconnaissance unit, rediscovers same unit.
* Industrial production module added to <Crashed Mothership> outpost.
* New recon drone designated <Creepy> deployed at <Victory Site>, mission: Explore unknown areas surrounding <Victory Site>.
* OLF gathering facilities at <Victory Site> assigned to LOEC subsystem. Success probability of breeding program increases greatly with constant OLF input.

* Enemy recon unit annihilated by 2 strikes by gunship unit <Wraith>.
* <Spider Bots> tasked with hunting ENEMY commander.
* ENEMY commander unit <Nya’lrax> slain evading capture.
* Central Operations HQ expanded, Intelligence Module planned.

* Medium armor unit <Proteus> deployed to <Empty Gourd>. <GPB> released from garrison duty, returned to recon objectives.
* Master Administration and Command System Repair unit <Primus> constructed at Central Operations. Intercom System Administrator is repaired, Logistical routines are upgraded. Citadel <Love Mountain> now within current supply range.
* Repairs to LOEC emergency shutdown processes commenced.
* Infantry support unit <Harpy> added to Alpha.

* Multiple schematics catalogued in anticipation of Emergency Tertiary Situational Command Module reboot.
* Opportunity Assessment Matrix suggests new primary target: <Love Mountain>. Suggested secondary goal: Locate ENEMY Command Center.
* LOEC subsystem successfully shut down. OLFs reassigned to <Primus>, processed into energy supply cells. Experimental Breeding Program shut down.
* Repair of Emergency Primary Situational Command Module engaged.

* <Spider Bots> squad attached to Alpha. LOVE units discovered in nearby town, eliminated by Alpha.
* Support unit deployed at <Victory Site> to serve as garrison.
* <Diaboliqia> reports abandoned gasoline refueling station, recovers large quantities of organic fossil-based fuels.
* Repair of Emergency Primary Situational Command Module completed.


Maybe a bit long-winded, but this is my first AAR and I may have gotten carried away. :D I had a lot of fun writing this, and am excited to participate in future shared games.
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