Kabaagh and muties, which is worse

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Kabaagh and muties, which is worse

Postby bluecrowst » Fri Nov 21, 2008 11:16 am

Another glorious victory of the Empire of Man! The base was quiet to start off with... too quiet, despite me packing the deck with 4 recon cards and 3 Leopard backups I didn't get one until about turn 25 so I was practically working in the dark throughout this time.. and wouldn't you know it I was by the mutants.. and they didn't let me forget that they are the gurella army to beat. They caputred my lead researcher and my best genetic researcher!!! That was terrible, and to boot when I found out that it was Kabaagh I was really scared, as I only made 2 Human resources per turn. Thankfully I found cultists guarding a temple, I killed them and their temple saved me as it collects 1h 1m 1r and 1e per turn, and their square was 1h 2m 2r 2e per turn (or something like that).

Soon the evil Kabaagh wanted a tribute of 11 human resources. Considering I had nothing to defend myself with I gathered the resources and had BARELY enough. Finally on turn 25 I had scouts up and running, I found the mutie base killed its ocupants taking back my science corps, and whatcha know they had a nice science base going on there, isolated from the rest of the map. I almost decided to make it my HQ.

Back when I was fighting the muties I found the gate I didn't have the resources to kill the gate guardian (it seemed like a wasted effort since I was fighting the muties and they had bigger stacks and I wanted to know where their base was!) The machine empire had found my main base and was trying to sabatoge it with all their might at this point. I put down a recon and sudenly a green xeno icon poped up, it was in supply... I was astounded... it was the gate guardian... right by my base. By some sheer miracle I had 15AP and threw down my elepahant. Thankfully he ran off, and didn't attack me. The machines sabatoged me some more times while I expanded in the north, nothing would kill their relentless saboteur Crypticus, I found him once but then when I hunted him, he rolled high then when I played my tactics, he played some of his... messing up my whole hand. For some reason after I ploped down another recon he went away.. coward.

After 6 airstrikes in a turn against my facility (this was annoying!) I moved Wraith and his "Cheddar" company to attack the gate, it had very few defenders. And wouldn't you know it the guardian was right by it on the next hex. When I took the gate, they were outside of supply and easy pickings for cheddar company!

Regardless I paid Kabaagh 1 more time, as I didn't know where he was. Later I would give him his last meal, a tactical nuclear weapon, I had one as a backup but the first one worked fine. I later used it against the Xenos to great affect.

I then assasinated the machine leaders, took their base when they were trying to recover, and nuked the xeno base (though it was hardened it destroyed all but the strongest of their troops, and hey less leaders). And finally took it.

Victory for the Empire
Victory for Terra!
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur!
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Re: Kabaagh and muties, which is worse

Postby Indricotherium » Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:44 pm

Another fun story!
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