More on the squid ..

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More on the squid ..

Postby pernod » Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:39 pm

Ahoy sundry wanderers of the Wasteland!

Just completed my first AE game in a while, with my rather pedestrian imperial pure jump deck. Just wanted some easy entertainment, and not the biggest of challenges, so I played on small map against the mutants and xenos. Common resources and specials, and Kabaagh, it turned out.

Even in this purported land of milk and honey, I had great trouble getting any human resources, and when I finally managed to build a recruiting station the squid sent a messenger demanding all of it in some turns. The usual business, and I thought I'd go for the appeasement strategy. One turn before the deadline, a mutant outrider destroyed my collector, though, dashing any hopes of getting the proper sacrificial offering. I therefore promptly bribed my neighbour Casca with the few resources I had, and got the observation post. With that I found the mutant headquarters within jumping distance for my one imperial marine.

At this point, Kabaagh had started his steamrolling operation towards my headquarters, and I was wondering how to deal with the great squid without any serious army or technology. I had found Tyrell in the sleeper bunker, and he was sitting in my soon to be eaten headquarters before he was evacuated. A high risk attack with my one marine on the mutant HQ proved successful, as the only garrison was a lone juggler. That consolidated my flank, and lo! The mutants had built a lab!

With one turn to go before Kabaagh became the largest trick-or-treater in the wasteland, I moved my HQ to the former mutant tribal keep and Tyrell started his mad dash across the desert to arrive at the lab and build something nasty before turning into someone's lunch. Kabaagh completely destroyed my evacuated imperial palace, with the only casualty being a captured Plasmid and my up until then steady source of AP.

At this point, I had used the observation post and an Ozymandius to build a proper resource organisation, so after Tyrell arrived at the lab he built a tactical nuke which poor Casca and her waste ranger received nicely gift-wrapped. Kabaagh came back with more unreasonable demands, so I executed his envoy and watched him start the trek Tyrell had finished some little time before. Kabaagh slithered over the observation post, but Casca and her rangers managed to plant the tac nuke in the right spot before the big squid ate its second base of the game.

By now, I could finally concentrate on the xenopods, who had built an enourmous stack of doom of corrupters, psykers and whatnot while I was busy saving the world. I had 3 imperial marines with pulse lasers, and Burwell Puller to get me over the mountains, so I built a forward firebase to bring the xeno HQ within jumping distance. My lone leopard recon tank got the unpleasant job of smashing xeno resource collectors, and to my great joy the stack of doom left the crashed hiveship to attack my puny decoy (which died a swift death). That opened the way for my reinforced force of four laser armed marines to jump in and smash the xeno HQ, and thus I became ruler of a teensy land of waste and honey. To paraphrase.

A highly enjoyable game, especially picturing the tense part after the destruction of the imperial palace. The researcher in black fled across the desert ... and the great Kabaagh followed. An interesting side of the cult games is the fact that the other factions end up being distractions. The destruction of the mutants was more a tactical than strategic action, which is interesting considering they've got dragons and I only had lads in strange kit.

(And a tiny bug/oddity surfaced too. Plasmid was having tea and negotiating with Casca (I presume) when I barged in with not yet decoy leopard and captured the mutie nerd. After successfully capturing him, Casca launched an attack. I don't know if this is intended, but it fitted nicely into a setting where the host takes revenge on the gatecrasher that kidnapped her guest. He was et by the squid later anyhow.)
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Re: More on the squid ..

Postby Indricotherium » Wed Nov 05, 2008 4:40 am

Fun AAR!
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