1248 point game!

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1248 point game!

Postby Stercus » Sun Jul 27, 2008 2:54 pm

I just finished a 1248 point game!

I played an Imperial 225 point deck with 10 tile points on iron man huge map common/common with cults on, everything random.

I really wanted to mess with the infantry stuff so I loaded the deck full of weapons platoons, Emporor's Own, the shock attack guys and normal infantry along with 5 vengance mecha and 5 tigers.

Right away I can't find a hero and I get two vengance mecha in my hand, so I cant build resources and I have two spots taken by units I cant even come close to fielding. It took about 20 turns to finally get a hero (Vlad- +2 move, +5 int, free tactics use). By then I knew I was facing the Rapture.

It only takes one game to know that if you (the player) don't take the Rapture cult then nobody will and game over. Vic said it himself with the new rules in place these guys turn into a pain to fight. I managed to roll two vengance and an emporor's own in there and get mauled managing to retreat with one badly damaged Vengance left. I made the mistake of attacking the normal human guys and not the turrets. I was also defending against the Xenos from the east (closest to my HQ) and the Mutants from the west.

I manage to get anouther vengance and a tiger and roll them back into the Rapture along with a weapons platoon and two infantry at around turn 30. Same gig, I get hammered but this time but manage to take out a turret total loss except Vlad. The Rapture is now down to one turret and two people. I said to myself "Screw it, if the comptuer doesnt take this guy out its all over.

Turn 42 comes around and i am now rolling. I took the Xenos out by the skin of my teeth with Vlad's next army. Two Vengance, one Tiger two Emporor's Own. I beefed them up since now I am full production using the Xenos base to make up for the facilities I cant seem to draw from my deck. Triage is your friend, use it. I roll into the rapture cult again and beat them.

After this I am fighting super stack after super stack. I manage to pull my two other Heroes, Ulyssis Stark and Carter Powell and give them similar armies. I also have Adam Wraith and Sigmond Gordon (Scout Heroes) out there with thier commandos and Rangers nabbing every single hero I can find. I keep these guys close to battles to grab any one who escapes.

The computer managed to have similar stacks as me and there were big epic fights. I didn't avoid anything like I normally would I just hit everything head to head and it was a blast. I came across one bug that I would have submitted but I was having so much fun I just reloaded and avoided doing what caused the bug (it was a capture of a Hero that had an item that I didn't want/have space for so I discarded the item and it caused a crash). I had two Army's with honors at the end.

Good game. Very challenging and very new.
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Re: 1248 point game!

Postby Indricotherium » Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:24 pm

That's a cool, epic story.
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