The march of the just is hindered by the ignorant

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The march of the just is hindered by the ignorant

Postby kuthkuth » Wed May 07, 2008 5:35 am

***This is a rough AAR based off of GregDan's mutant scenario posted at I'm taking his scenario description and adding a bit more flesh to it with my own twist

Scenario 1

Operation "Hearts and Minds" Summary
Foot captain Ag'nar

Our efforts to stabilize and rebuild sector 23 were a complete success and this area should provide a stable base of operations for future expansions. We have shown the huddled masses that we are force of rebuilders and allies who will help them reach the pinnacle of their humanity.

We setup our initial base at a radiated ruins site designated Granite Fist. The location provided adequate supply stocks to launch our operations properly. 5 km away to the NW we found a destroyed city (Rising Sun) that had some genocidal humans hoarding the resources. We had no choice but to dispatch them with a squad of Skull Crushers. 10 km SE of Granite Fist we located an abandoned town (Flaming Spear). A similar batch of disgruntled humans refused to see the truth we brought and were killed as they futilely tried to attack the far superior scouting force.

After further scouting I realized that our manpower resources were minimal and we could not locate any additional human “recruits" or tribes to absorb. This severely hampered our ability to bring up additional troops and provide a reasonable garrison at our new towns. We also had a shortfall of intellectual talent. The recruits we were able to get did not have any significant science, genetics or tactical background to fill the War and Research Academies we laid the groundwork for.

35 days into our operation one of our scouts stumbled across an Imperial firebase manned by a significant Imperial force with artillery support only 15 km NW of Rising Sun. What little troop strength we had was spread over all 3 garrisons and individually, they would not be able to stop the Imperial force.

The imperial force moved to a position 5km north of Rising Sun and would likely attack the next day. I was out of options; I had to commit forces to attack. I had recently acquired a Flag leader named Blastomere with tactics and leadership experience. It would have been nice to work with him to develop some strategies for dealing with these Imperials but their aggressive push has forced my hand. Flag leader Blastomere and his small force attacked the imposing Imperial force.

We did have one trick hidden in our sixth finger. In the Imperials haste to attack Rising Sun they neglected to leave a garrison at their forward supply base. Our scouts were able to breach the defenses and bring it under our control, cutting off their supply line and allowing fear to creep into their minds.

With their supply chain gone the battle was mostly a mop up effort for Blastomere. All were crushed except for one squad of Imperial regulars which retreated along with their platoon leader Erik Mai.

Cut off and demoralized, the leftover human force was captured and led off to the conditioning chambers. After their conditioning is complete they will be bathed in Vats of Truth and realize their true potential as part of the Chosen race. I believe we have overestimated the skill of these imperial forces and I see no challenge in wresting what little they control away from them.

*** I will eventually try to post these as images once I get around to finding some free webspace that isn't too annoying to use and remember how to use html.
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