And Now For Something Completely Different...

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And Now For Something Completely Different...

Postby FullAuto » Sat Apr 26, 2008 5:05 am

CO Log/Guerrilla Suppression/Task F42/Grid Ref EB 991 442

1 - FOB established. Outer perimeter maintained by 1st Platoon/Delta Company/2nd Batt, Imperial Recon. Defences brought up to FORTRESS level within 72 hours. MA-32 Grom batteries established, counter-battery radar function impaired. 1 gun inoperative, mech. fault. Ammo low priority, influx of troops/materiel for offensive ops - Alpha. No ifs no buts. Intel. asses. likelihood of assault: 73% Mutant, 21% Other Human, 6% UNKNOWN.

Never seen an UNKNOWN show up on a threat assessment before. Intel refuses to comment. 2IC told me a joke after the briefing, called this a 'hearts and minds' operation. "First we shoot one, then the other."

3 - Initial resistance light. Patrols from the NE and E identified, interdicted and interrogated. Info: two OH pop. centres, combined total pop. approx 10K, 7K in the city direct to the NE ("Realworld"), 3K in town to the E ("Bartertown"). Forces poorly trained, but weaponry, supplies and equipment plentiful and well-maintained. Patrols operating indep. of waterholes, employing rebreather/rehydrater tech. Bkground rad/chem/bio levels low, only 15% pop. mutation, intel. asses. threat level OMEGA.

10 - Imperial Recon platoon retasked with patrols N of FOB. Field repair station set up. Remote AP chain guns set up on base perimeter, interlocking fields of fire established. Ammo low, no priority given to def. emplacements. Ideal approach through craters to the NW, remote forward observer positions established to cover. 2 independent fire direction centres created, if one goes the other will still be able to co-ordinate artillery fire. Latest HQ comm says waste of time/personnel/materiel. 4E orders given. Explore/Expand/Exploit/Exterminate. Commence ASA Powell arrives.

15 - 1st war party created. 2 platoons Imperial Commandos/1 brigade MoRV-IV Leopard AFVs/1 company Emperor's Own/1 artillery brigade MA-32 Grom/ CO Mj-Gen. C. Powell. Tasked with Realworld pacification.

Commando infiltration of city suburbs, covert recon/sniping posts created. Remote FO posts set up on main roads. Comms covertly interfered with. Militia alerted/stood down 3 times. Artillery barrage of town commenced at dusk. Diversionary attacks by commandos successful, main militia force concentrated in SW sector of city.

16 - Powell requested more artillery ammo, used up allocated stock, shelled the city all night. Maximum casualties caused by HE/Incendiary/VX airburst/groundburst shell mixture. Intel asses. optimistic, 3K civpop casualties, militia classed as OMEGA. Powell used classic Liddell Hart, perfect example of ET attack. Commandos supplemented with 1 company of Leopards. Diversionary attacks on city by Leopard platoons from N, NE, E, and S. Main attack from NW, Emperor's Own and remaining Leopards take city. Remaining VX shells expended on fire support missions for main attacking force.

Keeping the OHs alive would be a small plus, but 2IC reminds me VX makes urban clearance much easier for the troops, all they have to do is crack the buildings and the gas does the rest. Militia HQ taken, all those inside neutralised. Call for surrender ignored. Militia cadres fighting on, no ammo left to shell them out of their positions. City leaders taken, some sort of backwards democratic council, all neutralised. Powell requested air support, knows I have none to give. Commandos beaten back shortly after dusk, minimal casualties, two Leopards heavily damaged.

17 - Ammo stocks dangerously low here, but Powell is requesting more, and air support. He knows the Crows are still 3 days out. Defences 'supplemented' by weapons platoon, when more guns means less ammo per gun. Wasted supply flight, bringing me more personnel when I need rounds.

Militia breakout attempted at dawn. Remote FOs almost all lost when they called down fire on their locations, preventing enemy from using main intersections. Militia funnelled into side streets, house to house fighting, badly overmatched by Emperor's Own. Powell says their surrender is imminent.

18 - Powell lost an artillery battery. Militia mounted an attack in the night, held the position for an hour. Crews slaughtered, guns melted to slag by incendiaries. 195 casualties, 6 guns lost. Not important tactically, no ammo left, but it's a black eye for Powell. How the militia exfilled from the city and infiltrated artillery pos. is unknown. 15 sentries nominated for execution, dereliction of duty. I issued a reprieve, told Powell we had lost enough men.

19 - Militia surrendered at 13:42 according to Powell. Isolated elements fought on until dusk. Initial census indicates approx. 5K civpop remain. Interrogation of remaining hierarchy revealed existence of bunker complex under the city, poss. means of exfil? Pop. kept busy transporting bodies to recycler. Our total casualties, 353. Powell did well, mostly. Nomination for relocation refused, HQ are sending Induction forces to bring civpop into the fold.

I am uneasy about having a pop. centre so close to the FOB, aggressive patrolling will be needed constantly to ensure civpop does not pass on intel to local muties. No doubt there are strong ties between the two, a 15% mute rate may be lower than most but it's still a lot of mutants created from the OH pop. Intel asses. mutie birth survival rate of 50% ±20% depending upon local customs.

20 - Powell left a small force in charge of Realworld and attacked Bartertown without telling me. Luckily for him, they put up a token resistance and then surrendered. Neutralised approximately 1K enemy after surrender and continued on to neutralise hierarchy (another democratic council) before taking B'town. 1 company Leopards left in charge of B'town. Powell, arrogant but probably right, knows B'town is cowed, and an armoured show of force will be enough to keep them under control. Again, relocation refused, another induction force dispatched.

Nuke reactor found and tapped in B'town. Bunker complex below Realworld holds vacuum-sealed vaults of weaponry and equipment. A nice bonus. Powell returned to Realworld, reinforced the garrison there with 1 company of Leopards. Hope he's right, as without infantry support they'll get eaten up in urban fighting. Grom brigade on its way back here, artillery is no use without ammo. Powell heading N, commandos leading the way. Apparently he resupped from the vaults, or he went without resupp, and not even he is that arrogant. Comms are down, EM interference.

22 - Powell showed some sense and let the commandos off the leash. Comms with them unstable, comms with Powell and the main force nonexistent. They proceeded almost straight N, deeper into our area of operations.
Found 3 Deserted Zones, 1 city size (est. 80% destroyed, designate Midwich), 2 towns (northernmost still populated, some sort of sick pacifist commune, est. 70% destroyed). The other town is an interesting case. It appears to be a true DZ, in that it is mostly intact (est. 10% destroyed). First one of these 'ghost towns' I have ever come across. The commandos stood off, naturally suspicious. I ordered them in at 15:54 and they infiltrated to find nothing but skeletons, and even those were "like chalk". It appears the town suffered only major chem/bio attacks, probably bot work. On that note, one commando team spotted a factory pod to the N of Midwich. Dormant, but not uninhabited. Last thing I need are bot complications.

Air support arrived, at last, a squadron of RAH-76 Crows. Feels good to finally have something up above, and the air is the only area of battlespace where we really dominate the muties.

23 - Intel asses. recommends expanding N, notes terrain severely constrains our supply lines.
HQ comm reassuring, guarantees resupply and reinforcements very soon. Allocated a mecha, a MeBu-II (when it gets back from current ops, typical). Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Emperor.

Comms with Powell restored, he didn't get very far N before finding some sort of oil well, smack in the middle of a Emperor-damned wasteland. He's going to attempt to refuel his Leopards there, though I doubt the engines will be able to handle it. A platoon of Leopards is going to be left there to guard it when he moves on. HQ wants a FIREBASE level expansion to the N, and this might be just the place for it. I have the resources for a KEEP level base, but putting it so close to my existing FOB seems like an unnecessary concentration of force given the light resistance encountered so far.
Zarkov arrived today, and immediately began pestering me. 2IC had to escort him out of the ops centre, still babbling. Man needs to be locked in his lab. Most distraught when told there were no research facilities. I almost enjoyed telling him.
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Re: And Now For Something Completely Different...

Postby Nickk » Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:55 pm

Excellent. Encore!
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Re: And Now For Something Completely Different...

Postby FullAuto » Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:07 pm

Recons pushed W into the hills. I left it up to the CO's initiative, and despite the terrain being far from ideal for armour, she pushed on to the very limit of her fuel. Lost 1 vehicle/crew to the terrain, crash split fuel tank, internal fire. They discovered an old battlefield, where a sizeable force had been wiped out. Poss. local OH battle? Who wiped them out? Bodies mummified by exposure, indications of kinetic and energy weapons used.

Commandos shed light on issue later. They found a suspected OH base, SW of the ghost town. Single walkway over lava leading to an entrance in the side of a volcano, of all things. Commandos watched from extreme range due to Powered Battle Armour patrols. Who are they? Muties don't have PBA tech. Bots? Not unless they learned to piss, commandos found urine traces on the patrol routes. PBA rehydraters dumping what they can't re-use. Only identifiable insignia a fist-like icon. Poss. mutie symbol, cf. Free Mutants? Last thing we need, Intel denies all knowledge, still stonewalling over UNKNOWN faction.
Began construction of FIREBASE level facility NW of here (designate Fort Apache) on Powell's recommendation. Contact with local nomads friendly, excellent recruiting point. Hostile to all NHs, low-tech. Firepower demonstration provided approx. 200 recruits.
28 - Powell rewarded for influx of recruits with 1 company Emperor's Own/2 Weapon platoons/1 MA-32 Grom artillery brigade. I informed him of the possible OH base to his NW, and ordered him N. Objected strenuously. Official reprimand filed. Remaining Leopards split into platoons and tasked to protect supply lines/bases/resources.
Finally getting regular ammo resupps here. Was beginning to think time was not the only resource a commander can never get more of. So much tech in Realworld the teams are struggling just to catalogue it. Tribal recruits pouring in, appears they have a score to settle with local enemy who they will not mention (UNKNOWN?). Flights out packed with recruits. Still no sign of mutie activity. UNKNOWN worries me.

30 - Commandos explored NW quarter of our area of operations, found nothing. No news is bad news where muties are concerned. Stepped up local patrols. Powell continued N, found another abandoned town, minor tech/material stocks. Ordered him to stop, rest troops and resupp, organise resource collectors while there. Order to garrison position, even with a token force, angrily resisted. At last agreed to leave a weapons platoon behind. You don't have to like it, Powell, you just have to do it.

33 - Further air support provided, 2 flights of F-227 Nightwings. Glad to have some real punch in the air.

Commandos finally spotted mutie activity. Extreme W of our ops. area, laying up in a DZ (designate Metropolis), saw a mutie force set up a small outpost, collecting materials or tech. Told the CO, Cpt. Siddons, to observe for 48 hours, then attack if no further forces arrive.
Powell has reached the end of the supply lines, just short of Midwich. Inhabited by OHs. Regressed almost entirely to a faux-feudal state, weaponry very low tech, intel asses. 1K strength, no sign of civpop. Powell politely requested air support. Authorised 2 flights of Crows. Attack went in after dark. Sounds of the helos alone caused panic. Hiding in the dark no defence against IR, Crows took out every vehicle they could find, then expended all remaining on enemy infantry. 2 helos lost to mech. failure shortly after takeoff from Fort Apache. Sand gets into everything.

Permission to build Imperial War College granted. Thanked HQ, asked when materiel for college was coming. Reprimanded. They want an IWC set up at Fort Apache, educate recruits there instead of wasteful transport back to home.

34 - Powell set up FIREBASE level facility (designate Sparta) to extend supply lines further. Crows relocated to Sparta. Terrain and UNKNOWN faction to the W necessitates higher security, smaller depots and more outposts. Powell still resists garrisoning Sparta, less shouting this time.

35 - Powell wanted to attack now his supply lines are extended by Sparta. Ordered to hold, may need him to respond to a mutie attack. If we've found them, they've found something of ours. Powell furious, wants to conquer another city. Sent in 3 flights of Crows. Only made him more angry. Stealing his glory? Incendiary rockets burned remaining buildings, cluster munitions neutralised columns of infantry when they fled the city. Intel asses. 10% survival rate. 1 helo lost to mech failure on way back to Sparta.

Commandos spotted someone important arriving in Metropolis, complete with small retinue of guards and heavy vehicles. Activity greatly increased, workers set up solar panels on roofs of all remaining buildings. Attack ordered, capture important mutie if possible, neutralise if not, destroy all facilities.
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Re: And Now For Something Completely Different...

Postby Ian » Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:25 am

I'm enjoying this. :)

I definitely need to start doing my own one of these.
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Re: And Now For Something Completely Different...

Postby FullAuto » Fri May 02, 2008 3:56 pm

Audio log/Intel Det. F42/Internal operations

***Speaking are Task Force F42 CO SUNRAY, Task Force 2IC RABBIT, Intelligence Detachment CO OBELISK, Intelligence Detachment 2IC REDCOAT. 11:42 local time***

SUNRAY: "I'd just like to know if the mutants have PBA technology, that's all. I think, as commanding officer, I certainly should know. If you have intelligence that indicates they do, let me see it."
OBELISK: "We have no current indications that the mutants have PBA."
RABBIT: "None at all?"
SUN: "Well, we do. I'm sure you've seen the imagery the commandos sent. I bet you got to see it before I did. PBA troops, with fist insignia. That's a fucking, excuse me, that's a very strong indication from where I'm sitting."
SUN: "Reassure me. Tell me the muties don't have PBA. Tell me these are Imperial traitors, or a new OH faction, or new bot troops. Tell me the main opposing force in our area of operations does not have access to powered battle armour."
OB: "There are some subtle differences in the fist insignia currently in use by the mutants and the fist insignia in the imagery, which clearly differentiates the two forces. Here's the Free Mutant icon."
-sound of terminal powering up, background hum confirmed as operation of standard projector-
OB: "Note the six fingered hand and the loop of barbed wire. Here's the symbol the commandos sent. Five fingers, no wire."
RAB: "So the fuzzies decided to change their flag a little, or this unit got awarded a different insignia. So what." [Fuzzy/Fuzzies - Mutants, cf. Fuzzy Wuzzies - indigenes, aborigines, natives]
RED: "It is more important than that. The six-fingered fist is the Free Mutants' most important sociopolitical icon. Tribes of mutants still use this symbol even when their strain has more or less than six digits. We have plenty of records indicating some mutant strains who have more than six digits disfigure themselves, so they have six digits on each hand. In some tribes it is part of their rite of passage, typically when an individual moves from childhood-"
SUN: "Yes, thank you. So, if they're not muties, who are they?"
-sounds of terminal powering down, paper shuffling-
SUN: "Why wasn't I told about this?"
OB: "The reconnaissance force was composed of intelligence personnel. Wasn't your concern."
SUN: "Well it fucking is now!"
RED: "Sir-"
SUN: "Shut up. I want to talk to the pilot, not the JAFO." [JAFO - Just A Fucking Observer - pejorative slang term inherited from IAF craft crewed with one pilot and one observer/navigator]
OB: "They may be a mutant strain we've never encountered before. 'Warlord' is a title the mutants often use. They also commonly associate themselves with the wasteland."
RAB: "Can the survivor provide any other intel?"
RED: "No, he never saw anything other than PBA troops. He has since returned to HQ for a full debrief."
OB: "We can provide you with some intel. The commandos sent imagery of the mutants at Metropolis. We identified the mutant who arrived under escort."
RED: "He's something of a genius, actually, and we think he's responsible for a lot of their new technology. Recently we've seen their equipment gain at least a measure of standardisation, as well as a lot of refinements to weaponry and vehicles, and though we don't know for sure, we think it's him doing it."
OB: "We reccomend neutralisation or capture. Alpha threat level."
-silence for 84 seconds-
SUN: "You have a mutie 'genius' and, possibly, mutie troops equipped with PBA in the same area, and you can't connect the two? I thought this was the intelligence detachment. If they're muties with PBA, I need to revise the strategy laid down by HQ."
OB: "I don't see how this affects the current strategic plan."
SUN: "No, you don't, and that's the problem. This Fist of the Wasteland is perfectly placed to prevent me achieving objective Alpha, namely, I can't expand north and leave this hostile force in a position to cut my supply lines. Powell will be cut off if they move east. I don't have enough forces here to make up another war party. Not one with sufficient punch, anyway. Either you come up with more information, or the offensive stops and we consolidate our position here."
-footsteps, door opening and slamming, SUNRAY leaving-
RAB: "Imperium juge, sir."
OB and RED: "Imperium juge."
-footsteps, door opening and closing, RABBIT leaving, 33 seconds of silence, footsteps, recording ends-
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Re: And Now For Something Completely Different...

Postby dave866 » Fri May 02, 2008 4:56 pm

Very nice!
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