Tactics: Fighting the Emperor's Own

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Tactics: Fighting the Emperor's Own

Postby Keypunch » Fri Apr 04, 2008 4:59 pm

It was late-game, and I had already killed the Machines and the Tentacloids. The hunt was on for the humans, who were brooding their own little scheme on the far side of the map. So, I rustled units over there as fast as I could.

Which led to an interesting confrontation.
My forces were a ragtag bunch of haphazardly equipped and enhanced mutants (3 of them with stats like 6/4 or so), a breakthrough, shock-attacking dragon (8/5, I think) and a giant Gargantuan (8/4), who deals double damage, and will disrupt defenses by 2 for 2 turns.

The opposing forces were:
Two Emperor's Own, and a Mebu-II Vengeance.

Now, obviously, the Vengeance is the biggest threat. With it's double damage, high attack, it can cause significant damage to my troops, not unlikely to kill them.
The problem is, while I try to I shock-attack that guy, the Emperor's Own can go fanatical and wipe me out.
To top it off, if I kill the Mebu ASAP, or kill the other infantry units, they will grow stronger!

How would you go about this one? Go for the Mecha first and let the infantry go mental? Or try to keep it pinned down, so you can whittle down the fanatic infanterists while running the risk of it putting a few new holes in your mutant ranks?

Eventually, I chose the latter option. Using fate and tactics to ensure a shock on the Mecha, alternate attacks with the Gargantuan on the infantry, so that even when the first died, the other had reduced defense. They went down:
Infantry, Mecha, Infantry, and I ended up with just a few minor scratches on the Garguantan...and a dead mutant from that time I couldn't keep the Mecha pinned...
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Re: Tactics: Fighting the Emperor's Own

Postby potatoedoughnut » Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:37 pm

Yeah I would have done the same. Keep the mech committed and bring the 2 infantry down simultaniously. I find that the AI rarely uses fanatic, so the EO aren't too dangerous.
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Re: Tactics: Fighting the Emperor's Own

Postby Vic Davis » Fri Apr 04, 2008 6:55 pm

Yeah the AI is capable of using it but I think I might need to tweak the threshold for it to trigger. If I recall correctly it uses a bunch of fuzzy logic inputs like own HP remaining, hitability, heuristic on whether they will win the battle, etc. and a small random jitter and then if the output beats the threshold it will use it. The dilemma I had was the Emperor's Own gimping themselves by draining all their HP and not really having it be that effective... so the usage is conservative. It should favor it more if the potential target is a big heavy hitter and close to dying as well.
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Re: Tactics: Fighting the Emperor's Own

Postby Robovski » Wed Apr 09, 2008 4:11 pm

The Vengance does double damage with it's hits and can multi-target at range 2. You need to lock that down and then deal with the Emperor's Own who at most can deal 10 dice and have to hurt themselves to do it.
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