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Hero Hunting

Postby gamefather » Fri Mar 28, 2008 7:35 pm

I have found that a few successful hunts in the beginning of the game can really turn the tide of the battle. Here are a few of my tricks to make sure I capture the heroes.

The hunter army. I create an army with one unit that has a bounty hunter score and one with a recon score. If the recon is an 8 you capture attempt will be a 9 dice, 8 for recon 1 for two units, plus it reduces the cap by whatever the hunter score is, usually 1. If you can make the bounty hunter unit a hero, you can use your fate dice to make it even easier.

Air strike. Any air strike treats the tile that it was done against as if you had a recon level 2 in it. This will increase a normal army's chance of capture by one, which can be the difference between capture and kill.

The bait. If the enemy has a few science and admin heroes in their main base, you can pull them out with this trick. have a stealthed unit go in and destroy a collector near their base. In a few turns the hero will walkout without an escort. Easy pickins.

Catching them on the rebound. This works will with a hunter army. Send in your main attack force to kill an enemy attack force, and hopefully the enemy hero will escape. He will ALWAYS move one space back towards the enemy base. Now that their escort is gone, send in your hunter to pick them up.

Dont worry about capturing nuetral heros, they wont go into a prison, and you wont get points. However if it was a nuetral hero that turned to one side, they can be captured for points.

When in doubt, transfer the hero to your HQ. Nothing is worse than capturing a few heros, then losing the base they went to.

The easiest heroes to catch or admin, or scientist, followed by military, and then scout heroes. Scout heroes are such a pain dont focus on them too much.
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