The Unloved Drakon

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The Unloved Drakon

Postby Indricotherium » Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:48 pm

I recently built a deck around these guys, the unloved air assault unit of the AE Universe.

Compared to the Marines or Revenant, they've shorter legs in the air, no leadership worth speaking of and a lower combat effectiveness. They do move faster on the ground though which can mean getting back to base faster and counterattack, for the wily commander, can provide its own opportunities for unexpected mayhem.

My deck was very, very heavily weighted towards seeing what the Drakon could do. 1 Zentarad, 1 Mungo, 1 Razors, 1 Hordling and 10 Drakons (plus recon, 3 of each). I played 3 opponents, large map, cult. I forget the resources but as they were pretty thin on the ground I think it was rare/rare. For the Cult we got the Fist. Doomsayers are also far better air assault units than the Drakon, so, fitting I guess.

They surprised me.

They weren't powerhouses in combat, even after being enhanced with the Dragon Mutagen, but even a 3 range air assault capability is very useful in mountainous terrain or if there are cities you want to get into fast. They did get mauled severely the one time the Fist jumped them and it was decided that the Fist needed to see just how small a suitcase nuke really is compared to proper nuclear weaponry.

As for the rest of my opponents, all were done in by the Lure the Stack Out and Jump in Behind Them plan. Blastomere with the Mungo & Zentarad or an aggressive Ravager provided the perfect decoy. In the last battle (the Machine HQ), the jump was over a clear, then Toxic Bog, then into the HQ. A 5 movement point move as the grunt plods.

I also got to use them in singles to jump behind units and cut supply (along with recon units) to trap armies for my main stack to hammer.

So, in short, are they Marines? No.

But are they handier than I thought? Yes.
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Re: The Unloved Drakon

Postby lvis » Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:36 am

I'm still a bit dissapointed about their jump range, but I've found a different use for them. For fun I now use counter attack units as my main strongold defense army. With a combination of stronghold defense bonus'/terrain bonus/tunnel bonus/hero bonus you can have a very effective base defense. The drakons can easily have 8 to 10 defense die depending on how your base is set up. I'll even use the Mungos in the back row to do some actual damage while disrupting enemies which works in the counter attack abilities favor. A lot of enemy units will simply opt to pass their turn then to risk taking damage from counter attacks. It's been quite effective.
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