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Postby NinetyNineTails » Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:54 pm

Crystalis wrote:
NinetyNineTails wrote:I find that the 2H, 1E, 1T starting tile for the Xenos is a trap. You think it's good, but all the really effective Xeno units cost Metal. I've had games where I was running the 2H tile and couldn't find any Metal; it was not a good time.

Eh, not if you have an egg chamber up with a queen in the hex. Then all the stuff that your eggs mutate into (which only costs ap and humans) are the 'effective xeno units'.

If you have an egg chamber spamming eggs with the resources to pop out aliens, the game is already well in hand. Also, if you have all that, you should already have explored and located additional H resources to use. Securing those additional Hs is, in my experience, easier when you have M to play Reavers, Beasts, and Destroyers.
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