In Praise of Fate

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In Praise of Fate

Postby davouthojo » Mon May 26, 2008 4:28 am

Just finished a marathon game as Xenopods, starting without units - egg only. A great way to handicap this powerful race - no recce until you get the Remote Viewer up! This was a real battle of attrition as I 1 by 1 eliminated the enemy's irreplaceable units with my hatchable ones. You can be much bolder in play when you can replace losses.

Back to the point - I got to see how fate makes all the difference, as R'yleh'a Raiders reached 19 fate as Defenders of the Hive. They were unstoppable:

1) With 19 fate, even when I went up against the strongest enemy stacks, I could use fate to prevent all hits. I brought my Beasts back from a 7 to 1 critical (x2) hit that would have killed them twice over with no damage by spamming fate. Basically I could attack and retreat without damage.
2) Gives incredible tactical flexibility, used carefully to just prevent enemy hits with special effects (e.g. Shock, Tac Nukes) and just cause 1 hit (e.g. for my Beasts with Energy Rods) and conserved by accepting the occasional hit without side-effects.
3) This much fate gave me automatic initiative, even against aggressive opponents
4) I can use it without APs, unlike tactic cards. Of course, one 'Devour' (-5 fate for the enemy) just makes it even more lop-sided.

R'yleh got to 19 through the Fate Belt, the mutagen and keeping the army together and fighting everything in sight. I'd advise everyone to cultivate Fate in their prime army (e.g. by beating up independents) - getting a Legendary Army is like having the traits of Aggressive, Leader, Raider and Tactical Genius all rolled into one!
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Re: In Praise of Fate

Postby muddball » Sat Feb 28, 2009 6:16 am

Yea, getting the Xeno hero's fate up is fantastic.
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