Daring to discard!

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Daring to discard!

Postby Keypunch » Fri May 09, 2008 8:10 am

At times, you'll find that your hand is filled with cards, which are valuable, but you can't play them, or they won't offer any use at this junction. (This happens especially often when I play the starter decks). Or you stumbled upon that prized artifact, with a full hand!

What do you people discard, and why? And: is it better to play a superfluous unit (another hero general) and use up resources, or discard, draw and play that big unit the next turn?

Why I'm discarding is usually in the early game: I need to get a recon unit, or am looking for that hero unit. I've found that I really want to keep up drawing a card/turn as guideline for good flow of play.

My own discard priority usually goes like this:
1. Facilities: A quick capture of an enemy base will often yield the facilities which I only need at endgame. And most decks have 2 of each, so discarding one now, to promote flow of play means I'll pick up on one later. Firebase-types are also present in multiple, so giving one up is usually little problem.
2. Light units: Usually there are multiple of these in the deck, so sacrificing one of them is no foul.
3. Medium/Heavy units: A waste, but if I already am packing a punch, their use is limited. If I'm not yet packing a punch, I obviously have a problem playing them, and need to get more resources gathered with recon/heroes.
4. Recon: These are usually easily played, so they only get discarded if resources are real low, and I need to save up for the bigger unit.
5. Other: everything else gets considered after I decided none of the above can be spared. Perhaps I can discard an air-attack card, if I already have enough airpower. Or a found piece of useless equipment (camouflage netting, barrier shield).
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Re: Daring to discard!

Postby Ian » Fri May 09, 2008 9:51 am

I discard when I very much need something, whether it be a recon card, a resaearch lab (sometimes you're in a nuke-or-die situation without the nuke) or whatever.

What do I discard? Whatever I can do without. Low level units are good for keeping somebody at a base and bulking up armies but I can do without them. I'm also not desperate to keep intelligence centres as capturing an enemy base often provides one anyway.

I very rarely discard heroes or powerful units.
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Re: Daring to discard!

Postby ZeroTheHero » Fri May 09, 2008 11:27 am

I never discard. Playing with a 40 card deck means every card is needed. I started to play with larger decks but found my play was un-focused. Soon as I decided to play with the 40 card limit my playstyle improved 10 Fold. I play cards when I shouldn't i.e. I don't usually play staff/acadamy/lab until intel centre is up and running with recce unit circling in/out of hq, but if my hand is full then these cards are played.
Check the deck lists for my Imperial 40 Card deck. I am just finishing a game and this will be my 5/6th consecutive win with Huge/ALL factions/Rare/AI Resource Bonus/15 tiles (p.s. no units lost so far m/c's dead). Then I will be doing the same with the Machines.
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Re: Daring to discard!

Postby potatoedoughnut » Fri May 09, 2008 2:14 pm

I usually only discard when I goof up and make tech card with a full hand, or run across an attachment with a full hand.

Similar to others I'll usually discard cards that I have multiples of in my hand that I don't necessarily need. I usually run with 2x Labs & Academies so they are usually 1st choice for discard. Air Attack cards are another common discard; I usually run with 2x Air-to-Air and 1-2 'bomber' types. If I don't have either of those types I'll usually discard heroes. Redundant Tech/Gene heros go first, followed by the weaker generals.
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Re: Daring to discard!

Postby Robovski » Sat May 10, 2008 12:57 am

Discarding usually happens to me when I forget myself and move the recon before I played the card from my hand I could have played and so it becomes a choice between the new goodie and whatever I had.

First choice for discard is anything I can't use. Mutants don't have airpower and so can't use munitions. So if the new card is munitions that then goes in the bin. Same goes for salvage Xeno stuff when not a Xeno (like the EMP gear).

Next on the hit parade is things I don't see needing soon and can be gotten elsewhere, i.e. the Imperial Base/Mobile HQ. I can get bases by capturing them unless by fluke no one is putting one near me and there are no independent bases around to capture I can do without those cards.
Duplicates fall in next, usually low to medium infantry or that 5th recon or that 3rd plane or that spare facility.
Spare heroes. Yep, they happen. Someone like Zarkov can be dang handy but he can also be completely spare if you have the Strangelove guy or Feynman and Milton Frick.
If somehow I still need to find a discard, it could be someting without much of a direct role, say the FAC or an anti-air unit when one of your opponents is the Muties.
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Re: Daring to discard!

Postby Indricotherium » Sat May 10, 2008 2:23 am

Yeah, pretty much the same as most of you. Duplicate facilities and aircraft first, followed by low level grunts troops. Almost never heros or heavyweight units. Of course, topping the list are things I can never use.
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Re: Daring to discard!

Postby Vandesas » Mon May 12, 2008 5:24 pm

I agree with ZeroTheHero. I usually play with small decks, 40-50 cards and discarding is hardly ever an option. Experience has taught me that if I really need a specific card to survive, and its hidden somewhere in my deck, its usually too late for me anyway. I try to make do with what I have. The only thing I can ever remember discarding is a duplicate air card or a piece of wasteland salvage that I can't (or am unlikely) to use.
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Re: Daring to discard!

Postby Fizish » Tue May 13, 2008 3:23 am

Though it very much depends on the game, I tend to discard a lot, perhaps as many as 15-20 cards a game. Granted, I do tend to play with larger decks, but even with 175 point ones I often find myself discarding to get recon or a hero out when I need one. Other times I find myself roaring through my deck are when I'm facing the plague cult and need a lab or geneticist. I also ditch any extra copies of aircraft I run across, so that I never have more than one card of any particular air unit. Late-game discarding is usually me looking for a particular card, like an assassin or research hero.

In some ways, it feels like having a larger deck makes it easier to get to the cards I want, at least the nonunique ones. If I really need a leopard or imperial recon to explore with, discarding a vengence or fire base is no big deal if I've got several more in my deck. That said, I've tried some of the 40-card decks posted on this forum and been reasonably successful, though I hate running out of cards with a couple enemies still around to kill, especially on huge maps.
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Re: Daring to discard!

Postby greymalkin » Tue May 13, 2008 2:10 pm

Fizish wrote: If I really need a leopard or imperial recon to explore with, discarding a vengence or fire base is no big deal if I've got several more in my deck. That said, I've tried some of the 40-card decks posted on this forum and been reasonably successful, though I hate running out of cards with a couple enemies still around to kill, especially on huge maps.

The neat thing about the EoM short decks is that even if one were to run out of cards, by that time the resources should be coming in to generate a God Soldier or a nuke every few turns. The Xenos short deck could be reliant on the egg chamber to pump out troops, but I'm not familiar enough with the mutants and machines to know what the end-game short deck strategy would be.
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Re: Daring to discard!

Postby Vide » Tue May 13, 2008 4:41 pm

A sustained-production endgame strategy for Mutants or Machines would need to involve missile production. Machines can also do Thralls, but they're... underwhelming.
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