Winning the reconnaissance war

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Re: Winning the reconnaissance war

Postby ZeroTheHero » Wed May 07, 2008 11:07 am

Indricotherium wrote:
ZeroTheHero wrote:Single heroes not really good as recon units. What if they bump into a stealthed recce unit? They need to be near (not in same army) of recce units that are stealthed.

Honestly, I generally take my chances and trust to their stealth. The only races with Stealth, Commando Recce units are the Imperials and the Xenos, and the Rangers and Gangrels are pretty expensive. All other Stealth Recce units slow to a crawl once out of supply though I suppose your hero could circle about to continue searching while staying near them.

This is part of what I love about AE though. There are many, many playstyles and deck building styles. I love it!

I've saved off your Imperial deck list BTW and look forward to trying it out.

I agree on the many playstyles, with the 40 card limit I place on myself I have to take care of each unit. Thats why I am loathe to send a lone Hero even stealthed out into the wild (on the odd occasion to create collectors) just in case it comes up against a recce unit. My playstyle is bait/trap and I usually only lose 1-3 units per game. Although I mentioned stealthed&recce a lone recce unit can do a hero harm you may not see it or it moves spots and then capture/kill.
I am still learning and will start playing another faction with the same 40 card deck limit. Toss up between machines/xenos.
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Re: Winning the reconnaissance war

Postby Robovski » Thu May 08, 2008 12:21 am

Ian wrote:I'd agree that if you have decent aircraft cards you have to be prepared to use them to take out any recce or lone units that come within reach. Sure, at this stage you might think that 3 energy or whatever could be used better elsehwere, but it's a sound investment.

I gotta agree. 2, 3 or even 4 energy plus AP is well worth it to deprive the enemy of intelligence, potential salvage from finds and the card itself, which cannot be directly replaced forever while the energy and APs can be.
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