Destealth for recon check/Xeno turncoats.

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Destealth for recon check/Xeno turncoats.

Postby Wild Weasel » Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:55 pm

A couple of interesting events from the game I just finished ( getting Graviton bombed into a smouldering heap :D )

Anyway, playing as humans:

- de-stealthing a recon unit counts as a 'move' for recon purposes. You don't actually have to move the unit out of a facility hex and back in again to get another chance to detect stealthy opponents.

- the Xenos took over a firebase. When I got it back I found they'd installed an egg factory (or something to that effect - I haven't played as Xenos yet so I cannot recall the exact facility upgrade). In any case, I decided to try out depositing an egg (AP only) then evolving the larva - sure enough, out pops an abomination perfectly happy to fight on behalf of the humans. I managed to get a couple more out of it before my game came to an abrupt end..

I don't know if these are well known or not. I thought I'd pass them on in anycase.


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