Card Comparison: Pack Artillery vs. Pack Rockets

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Card Comparison: Pack Artillery vs. Pack Rockets

Postby Keypunch » Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:25 pm

In this episode, we'll look at the rear area of a mutant player. I mean. That sounds wrong... anyway, two units that you might deploy at the rear. The Pack Artillery vs. the Pack Rockets.

Artillery: A side-view of a big yak-like creature drawing something metallic that seems undefined at first through the desert. If you look real close, you recognize it is some cannon of some sort. Pretty awesome, good colouration.
Rockets: Rear view of a similar yak-like creature (inspired by the StarWars Bantha'?). This time the metal being dragged has some kind of superstructure, which, if you look closer, is multiple dual-rocket launchers.
This one is an aesthetic tie. Both are just impressive artwork, giving that sweet AE vibe and very much setting the tone for what the mutants are about. They don't rely on state-of-the-art technology, but will make use of whatever they've got handy, including new types of beasts of burden.

Artillery: 4 AP, 2 H, 2 M, 2 E, 2 T
Rockets: 3 AP, 1 H, 2 M, 1 E, 1 T
The rockets are clearly cheaper, not only in resources, but they'll also leave you with an extra AP.

Artillery: 7 attack, 2 defense, 4 resistance, 2 movement, 3 hit points, 3 range
Rockets: 7 attack, 2 defense, 4 resistance, 2 movement, 2 hit points, 3 range
These stats are practically identical, except for that extra hit point for the artillery. It might seem a slim margin, but at those low ends, it could very well be the difference between being wiped out in the first round, or living to return fire. Score one for the artillery.

Fitting with the deck:
Both are identical units in regards to their point cost (3) and being an artillery unit, for which there are no upgrades amongst mutant tech. Tie.

Special abilities:
Both are rear area units, meaning they'll survive much better against attacks on the back rank. Both have got the area attack option, meaning they'll attack a random unit on the same row.
The difference is in their effect. The artillery will weaken a unit by 1 attack and defense for 2 turns, while the rockets will cause shock attack (committing the unit).
Weakening a unit will make it easier for other units to finish the kill. Then again, shock attacking the unit means you won't be bothered by it all. Having this be an area attack means you can neutralize 2 of the enemy units in the first turn!
Personally, I'll pick shock attack over disrupt/disable any time of the day.
Win: Rockets.

Conclusion: The pack rockets are cheaper and more dangerous with their special ability. The only real fear is that a precision air attack (or retreat) will kill them easily, but then again, the artillery is no tough nut either. And isn't that exactly why you can cheaply equip your mutant infantry units with Longbow Manpads? I declare the Pack Rockets to be clear winners of this card comparison.
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Re: Card Comparison: Pack Artillery vs. Pack Rockets

Postby dave866 » Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:24 am

Shock attack is cheaper! I'll take that deal any day. I never use artillery but it often delivers when I'm up against it. And shock attack is, I'd say, one of the top 3 specials in the game! Keep it up, these are really cool comparos.
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Re: Card Comparison: Pack Artillery vs. Pack Rockets

Postby Robovski » Sat Apr 12, 2008 4:30 am

I use both in my deck designs, but shock is dang handy (especially X2). Rockets may be a bit underpriced vs. the artillery.
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