Such a blast to rediscover AE

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Such a blast to rediscover AE

Postby Noctilucus » Fri May 11, 2018 4:58 pm

Maybe no one is reading this forum nowadays, but anyway...

After not playing AE for a few years I've recently installed it after being fed up by many other games not installing or not working under Windows 10. And I'm so glad I did! :mrgreen:

After 5 games in the past days I've once again had tremendous fun with AE, and I haven't even tried the other factions or experimented with different deck setups.
With pretty much the same setup, each of those 5 games has turned out so massively different which is testament to the amazing variety and replay value of AE; so far I have:
- blown up enemy HQs and equally seen some of my agents attempting this being assassinated
- used stealth aircraft to bomb enemy buildings and troops from the skies
- developed a cure for a plague which took a good third of my army
- steamrolled over robots and monstrous creatures with massive tanks and seen the same massive tanks get mauled unexpectedly
- discovered unique technologies by bribing or capturing neutral facilities, which ultimately allowed me to win the war
- dropped a bunch of marines behind enemy lines to slaughter their headquarter troops, avoiding a run-in with an army twice my size
- nuked a highly dangerous cult that my troops couldn't deal with, wiping them off the face of the earth

There are so many different possible angles and all of the post-apocalyptic resource constraints that AE plays so differently from the usual "I'll just turtle, amass resources and build an army of doom" or "I'll churn out a few quick units to overrun my enemies early on" that most 4X games usually boil down to.

So in short, I can only recommend those of you who haven't played it yet or haven't played it for a while, to install it and join the fun :D
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Re: Such a blast to rediscover AE

Postby deanimate » Sun May 13, 2018 5:08 pm

Nice to see the CC forums still alive here and there. I'm an SI player but have heard about how good AE is for a long time now. SI is an absolutely stunning game so I will definitely be trying AE out :)
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