Wandering Wall of Thropies

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Wandering Wall of Thropies

Postby pianistamoeba » Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:39 pm

Well, this is a really strange one. I had a level 1 Haunting chasing me and I stepped into the Thropy Room. The Wall of Thropies encounter was in the first square, the challenge dialogue opened, and I passed a successful flee encounter matching but not surpassing the trick point target. I ended up on top of the encounter and proceeded to explore the room, just to find out that the Wall of Thropies had turned into a chasing skull token and was moving around! Also I checked afterwards, that the lvl 1 haunting had disappeared, so apparently the 2 objects had somehow merged. Also I'm not absolutely sure, when the merged happened, since the first couple of turns I thought that skull token was just the Haunting chasing me into the room.
Anyway, here's a savegame:
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