Growing confidence story token not working?

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Growing confidence story token not working?

Postby pianistamoeba » Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:26 pm

The token description claims, that "any challenge with Cups as primary attribute will gain 10% chance of every no results card turning into random gain courage card". After getting this token, the cheapskate that I am, I ran into closest stationary challenge I can easily flee from to farm courage to my depleted Heroic Feat. Anyway, after 10 or so successful flee challenges with approximate 5-6 result picks, I didn't get any. The challenge is cups/swords/cups, so I take that it should count as having Cups as primary attribute? Or maybe the token is turned off from flee challenges, to prevent this kind of abusing? Then the description is a bit misleading. Here's a savegame, just in case:
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