1.06 Update

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1.06 Update

Postby Frothy_mikhael » Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:36 pm

Apologies for usurping Vic's function again, but I know that he prefers working on the game itself, so hopefully everybody benefits.

NOTE: This is the final change to the game build before its official release. So if you bought OC post-release, these changes are already integrated into the game.

Changes and Improvements:
-Fixed display bug for Spray and Pray
-Fixed display bug for Full Auto
-Fixed display bug in trick card presentation when max trick cards on board had been reached and certain special abilities had been triggered
-Fixed display bug in several skill cards
-Fixed all edges that bump item special abilities with a random number based on the edge level
-Fixed Quick Draw edge not working properly when condition was valid
-Fixed Inventory Display problem where cards could display while tray was retracted.
-Fixed roaming monster duplication bug which could occur in some rare cases where roaming monsters bumped into each other
-Fixed bug where mission specific random encounters were occurring in inappropriate locations
-Fixed wording of description on story token called “Growing Confidence” to indicate that it is for Combat Challenges only
-Fixed bug with doors not opening after multiple level transitions
-Fixed bug with Fountain of Blood not resetting in some rare situations
-Fixed bug with ammo occurrence boosts caused by other edges conflicting with the trigger number calculation
-Fixed bug where some roaming monsters would flip flop between rooms when initial contact with the player was lost
-Fixed bug where quests could be removed before completion if a roaming monster triggered the encounter while moving
-Fixed bug in map generation where collapsed floor could occur above locations that blocked out landing room
-Fixed bug where some encounters had duplicates placed when encounter pool ran out
-Fixed bug in AI pathing routine for roaming monsters where other roaming encounters blocked pathing even after look ahead planning had returned a move possible result
-Fixed movement permitted bugs on some tiles where graphics indicated movement was not permitted
-Fixed bug in random selection of some items when rewards were generated
-Fixed bug in the input of luck attribute on random encounter generation
-Fixed bug in generation of Major Arcana cards during rewards phase
-Fixed bug in map generation that caused unconnected corridors to block tunnels connecting pit traps in some cases
-Fixed bug in map generation that put several escape or die traps in inappropriate locations
-Increased inter-connectivity of corridors in 3rd sub level (Catacombs that run under the mission level)
-Mindshield Psychic Talent now converts non Face cards as follows: 1 or 2 Wands = Page, 3 or 4 Wands = Knight, 5 Wands = Queen and 6+ Wands = King
-Each time you move into a sublocation within a room, there is a chance based on your wands, pentacles and luck attributes that a secret door (if one exits) will be revealed inside the room that you are currently in
-Seeing the same random encounter in a row should be slightly less likely
-All final mission encounters now have chances for Instant Death or Instant Insanity result cards (as appropriate) to be generated if you fail the challenge
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