New Idea for combat/play

New Idea for combat/play

Postby Reisman17 » Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:58 am

Just been thinking about this again and what I was thinking would be a great idea would be to use a similar system to the old card game "Up Front". I shall explain. Instead of having each card has a playing card number (in the bottom right) that you can play towards to battle/fight totals I would remove them off the cards completely and issue seperate number cards (similar to the way 'Up Front" used number cards to signal how strong your attack was going to be). So to clarify you would have a hand a bit larger (more cards) than the current totals and would be made up of People cards, Places cards, Ambush cards and Number Cards. You could still use the same combat resolution however any Number Cards you have in your hand could be choosen to be used and therefore win the battle/fight. That way you have some control over the result and it would make it feel more engaging. I just find most of the time I do not use the playing cards because it sometimes better (and more often essential) to sell any left over cards for cash to keep payroll going especially with more than one posse , to use the action or keep the card in your hand. This would hopefully not have to make a major change in the combat (which I do like for the most part except for the luck aspect).
Eventually you could branch this out to include a different number of cards for different characters (e.g the Gambler would have more playing cards and less other cards (Places, People, Ambush), Gun Fighter/Slinger would have a good mix of the two, a Cowboy could have less playing cards and more other cards as an example. It would offset the weakness of the Gambler against a Gun Fighter/Slinger.
Just my thoughts on how to improve the feel of combat without a major game change as I do like the current version.

Thank you and let me know what you think.

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