Great game - just some suggestions from my view

Great game - just some suggestions from my view

Postby Reisman17 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:19 am

Just want to say this is a great Wild West Game that I am enjoying (however out of 2 games I have not lost twice :-( ). My first suggestions are a follows (applies to 1.07)
1. More sounds. I read someone else post about this. I was thinking during the gun fight you could have guns alternately shooting left and right to give an good impression of a fire fight (e.g left hear a gun shot then right fires two shots, left then shoots another shot etc (make them random) ... - also you could even expand it to have the occasional other random weapon like a Winchester Rifle or Double barrel shot gun etc..). I think this would help give the impression of a fire fight like a posse could get into. Obviously I would look at muting the music at this time as it would be a distraction to the gunfire. Eventually you may be able to add an very occasional / random statement or insult. I was also thinking that when one or more of your posse gets killed there should be church bells ringing like at a funeral. (very slow solom ring).
2. Maybe include a Indian Chief as a playable Boss. I do not know what benefits to give him although it could somehow give him an advantage when using Native Indian Characters in his Posse.
3. Maybe also include a Mexican Bandito. I would probably make him an outlaw.

I am really looking forward to any updates that come along and hope the above maybe will be considered one day :-).
Thank you

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