BUG! No Way Out!

BUG! No Way Out!

Postby ManwithNoName » Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:54 am

Well I just had an unusual game where I couldn't pay my upkeep and I had nobody in the bunkhouse or any draw cards (damn ai stole all my cards this turn) to pay for my excessive upkeep of 12. :{P

I had 3 cards in the middle between bunkhouse and story cards and it wouldn't let me FIRE any of them at that position. So, I was -1 short of being able to pay my upkeep. I had nothing to pay it with or even reduce my upkeep by one anywhere except in that posse.

Thus, this means VIC you're going to have to allow FIRING at ANY place in the game or this can happen. Hey if we're on the trail and I can't pay you I have to let you go in the real world. But, in this game you could have side bar Shootouts because the player can't pay you. The guy you're going to fire might take offense and challenge the Leader of the posse to a duel, this would certainly add some flavor to the game when firing someone in the Field. If it happens to be the leader of the posse you have to fire then there would be no gunfight.
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