Just Got It And..

Just Got It And..

Postby NefariousKoel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:40 pm

I like the game (beta 1.05), but it is too easy at the moment.

The AI players often create more posses before filling up extra available spaces in their current ones. That leads to regular trouncings. There also isn't a lot of variance in the gunfights due to nearly always being decided by a pair (2 pts) or even a high card (1 pt) being added to the winner's total, which just magnifies the aforementioned AI habit of making mostly underpowered posses. I'd also like to see an actual draw happening in the poker card game, and having a bit more input. Like a 7-card stud game, 5-card draw, etc. instead of just a straight luck deal as is currently featured.

There are definitely too many clicks required to peruse all your opponent's cards in play, where they are located, how many are in their hand, their current money, etc. That wouldn't be so bad, but there's no visual feedback during your opponent's turns other than a text log so I'm trying to catch up to the current situation every time my turn comes around, even after reading all the logs as they happen. Some graphical representations for each of their actions and posse moves would be great, if only showing the graphical card that they just purchased and flashing an outline around where they move things to (with a small delay) and other actions.

My first post on these boards may sound all critical, but I've included some suggestions in there. ;) I also purchased AE a few years ago and have enjoyed it, too. Thanks!
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Re: Just Got It And..

Postby ManwithNoName » Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:26 am

There's a mod that's been made for it. http://www.filefactory.com/f/74ad8ae914531455/

There's 3 files there and you'll need to download each of them and put them in the Six Gun Saga "GameData" -"CardObjects" folder.

What I recommend is just copy and paste your "CardObjects" folder to some place else outside of the Six Gun Saga program folder. You could put it on desktop or just anywhere besides within the Six Gun Saga game folder. Once you've backed up the CardObjects folder somewhere then open the one in the GameData folder and drop in these 3 files, your system should ask you if you want to "overwrite" them and just click "yes".

I've modified the boss files and for the most challenge you should play General George Crook. The 3 AI players to play against should be Wyatt Earp, Maxwell, and Chacon. I find they are the most challenging. Setup some 15 turn 30vp games and if you find those too hard try the 25 turn 30vp games. It is still too easy if you play to 50vp as you just have too much time to build up powerful stacks and wipe the board. Leave Boothill to N/A

I've been averaging about a 1 to 1 victory ratio and have lost 2 in a row sometimes. Some games have been exceptionally fun with the winner winning by a very small margin like one death victory points worth.

Oh and if it's too difficult just play any of the other bosses and it will be less difficult. I'd recommend Boss Snead as a more medium difficulty.

You will notice some key differences from the vanilla game. I hope you enjoy the challenge.

If you don't like the modification just copy and paste the backed up folder back inside the main Six Gun Saga "GameData" folder and you'll have your origional files back and mine will be overwritten.

It's pretty good and much harder.
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Re: Just Got It And..

Postby NefariousKoel » Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:17 pm

Thanks. I had actually downloaded his modded files before buying; they were what persuaded me to do it, being able to mod it in that way. I'll put them in soon.

I'd just wanted to point out the weak spots in the game and make some suggestions, since it's still technically a beta. ;)
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