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Postby Marble Mouth » Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:53 am

frost_maze wrote:Completely off the current topic, but...

What happens if there are two kingmakers, who have both chosen the same target? And then the target wins. Then what?

I was very curious about this so I tested it once. Three player hotseat. One normal avatar finished with 120 prestige. He was chosen by both of the kingmakers. One of them ended with 46 prestige, the other with 2. The kingmaker with more prestige won the game by Kingmaker, the normal avatar with 120 prestige came in second, the kingmaker with less prestige was just a generic loser on the finish screen, no mention of kingmaker. Also, Unveil Kingmakers got played. It tells the non-kingmakers the names of all of the kingmakers. It tells each kingmaker only that they have been revealed, so unless someone else mentions it to them, they won't even know there is another kingmaker, only that they got Unveiled.
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