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Postby Sord » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:38 pm

My gut feeling is that using both Paranoid and Inspirational Leader puts too much effort in to preventing theft for the price you pay. I'd probably drop inspirational leader and obscure, drop the 2 attribute to a 1 and get and extra rank as a net improvement. Feels kind of boring at that point, but is probably a reasonable build to get some easy early PoPs and discourage thievery. You'd then see where the game takes you for how to win.

My initial reaction to the build was "but how do you win" as it is focused on keeping your stuff, but doesn't do anything specific to get the stuff. But it does have charisma 3, so you should be able to quickly build your stats, particularly if you drop obscure, and just go with what the game gives you (which is what often happens anyway).
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