How to get a praetor to become champion of pandemonium?

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How to get a praetor to become champion of pandemonium?

Postby Jaedar » Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:31 pm

Is there any reliable strategy for doing this?

Looking at the wiki, the later praetors seem horribly powerful, and I don't quite see how one could reliably defeat them. Also, how much prestige do you get if you are successful?
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Re: How to get a praetor to become champion of pandemonium?

Postby Sord » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:58 am

There are two ways of improving your praetor. One is to train it with manuscripts. The other is to win a combat and level up.

The Manuals of Attack, Defense, and Infernal Power will give straight up bonuses to the relevant praetor stats and can be obtained by farming manuscripts (either bazaar or through manuscript demands). You may also end up with a lot of praetor move sets while doing that which are also useful.

To level up, you'll need opponents to co-operate with your requests to battle, which is hard once you've shown that you have a strong praetor. More likely you find they just don't show up, rather than losing another praetor to you.

If you are going for it as a strategy, you probably want to consider a manuscript build (some combination of high starting charisma, collector of curiosities, devoted minions, infernal cardinal, decent rank, slothful, then focus on tribute and stats, not territory and pops). But most often I see it happen when someone happens to get a decent praetor that is able to win a some battles against opponents and has managed to level up a few times as a result. Meanwhile, the normal tribute requests have produced some praetor manuscript sets, so they train those and go after pandemonium's champions to gain some extra prestige (I don't actually know how much, probably in 50-100 range if you make it the whole way, plus I think there is a per turn bonus for being the champion, but the game is almost always over by that point). - the wiki for Solium Infernum
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Re: How to get a praetor to become champion of pandemonium?

Postby Flatline » Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:25 am

Ok couple of pieces of info since in my 2nd game of mp i became pandemonium champ.

(1) Any type of scripts or manuals you can get for your praetor help immensely.
(2) You need to either win 1 praetor duel vs another opponent or win the pandemonium games event to be eligible to duel the champions at all. This can be difficult to achieve in multiplayer game as people usually tend to just no-show praetor duels unless they have a good praetor dueler themselves , which generally is rare.
(3) If you are lucky enough to get the dreadful deeds event or the goblet of fire both of these things can buff your praetor quite nicely. Please don't use either of these things on say........Phenex for instance.
(4) If you are going to try to build a decent praetor dueler you probably need to use a praetor suited to it. Some of the better praetors for dueling are Haagenti, Temelechus, Gusion, Furfur. I also think with the right scripts some of the other praetors can be decent too (Zepar, Caim, Morax etc). With the right scripts infernal praetors can be very good but I have found melee oriented praetors to generally be better and dont rely on luck so much.

The pandemonium champs are fairly tough but if you have a couple of levels, and some scripts they are certainly beatable.
One of the weakness of the champions is that they generally to ALWAYS do similar movesets when they duel you. They change their moves up a little but they certainly follow a pattern so you can plan for them easier than vs a human opponent. Very Quickly.

Butcher - Frontloads with all his specials, crippling strike, impale etc etc.
Queen of damned - Always uses veil of smoke straight up if she has it and then usually unloads with some infernal stuff (including oath of retribution) which is pretty much a death sentence if you hit her hard in the order she uses it.
Grey Knight - Always uses impenetrable stance in first move then unloads on you with specials.
Balrog - Uses his damage soak move in first move if he has one then just unloads everything.

Duel the champs in a sp player game over and over and you'll see you can decently predict their movesets and they are always fairly similar.

A slight correction to sord in regards to something.
I've found you usually get between 6-12 prestige for beating each champ (but more importantly a level up for your praetor).
If you manage to beat them all and beat the balrog, you become champ of pandemonium.

What do you get for being the champion?
You get the 6-12 prestige and the level up from beatiung him.
You get NOTHING ELSE AT ALL. Actually your opponents get to see your praetors exact current stats at all times when you are the champ.
Besides that you get nothing. You don't get any prestige per turn for being champ you dont get anything.

Personally I think you should get 1 or 2 prestige per turn or something like that for having the champion of pandemonium but nope you don't get anything.
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Re: How to get a praetor to become champion of pandemonium?

Postby Jaedar » Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:34 pm

Wow. Doesn't really seem worth it.

Thanks for the advice though.
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