charisma loading vs order loading

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charisma loading vs order loading

Postby theTrav » Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:40 pm

I'm fairly new, like only one full game under my belt in single player with only 3 players.

So far my strategy seems to be:
middle rank... I forget what it is, higher than baron, lower than duke...
build with 3 char, 2 wickedness, 1 in all other stats.
char for money, wickedness to support early third order, and 1's to buff legion strength (zero stats drop your starting legion yeah?)

Early game my priority is to secure as many places of power as possible, failing the ability to secure them, try to get a ring around them, or failing that a border to them.

At the same time make sure I'm demanding resources once a turn so I can raise my wickedness to 4 ASAP for the third order spot.

I try not to get a second legion until I've got the third order slot so that I'm not missing out on money to move him around.

From there it seems to be a case of cashing myself up enough to get my other stats to 4 for the extra orders, and buffing my legions with praetors, combat cards and artifacts so I can make demands.

Am I missing something? What tends to be a multiplayer counter to this tactic that I should look out for?

I'm mostly asking because I haven't seen anything like a general strategy guide, just a lot of individual mechanic examinations
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Re: charisma loading vs order loading

Postby frost_maze » Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:29 am

In my opinion, there seem to be four types of play-styles: (Also, any examples I give are merely examples that occur to me off the top of my head. there are many, many others)

The early boomer: where the player tries to get as many PoPs as possible using early-game supremacy by having a strong personal guard, while sacrificing long-term advantages. For instance, a build for this might be:
Marquis, Lust
Obscure, Toughness
This would give a personal guard with a total of 18 stats, which is pretty good when paired with a few combat cards or praetors/artifacts. And then they go on a rampage making demands and vendettas for others' PoPs once all the easily available ones have run out.
This type of play is very reliant on their legion, and early game advantage, and thus is countered by an opponent who can defend themselves with destruction rituals or high-level combat cards or the like. Basically, anything which will destroy their legion, since they have no economy, and without a strong legion, they're stuffed.

The turtle: where the player doesn't care about prestige to begin with, and focuses entirely on building up a strong economy. They might take a PoP or two, if they're conveniently close, so that they don't fall *too* far behind on the prestige race. With this, they often fall into two different categories:
  • Pandemonium turtles
  • Prestige turtles
With pandemonium turtles, they don't even care about prestige at all, they just take Pandemonium when their stats are high enough (so maybe martial 6 and deceit 5: for infernal juggernaut (massive legions) and strategic deception (invisible legions), respectively).
Prestige turtles just build up their stats until they have some overwhelming power, and then go on a rampage taking everybody's PoPs. It doesn't tend to be easy to tell when they start on a rampage, because they'll probably start expanding fairly soon, as they slowly gain advantages over the other players.
An example turtle build (will work for both, since deciding between pandemonium and prestige tends to happen through the game and not before):
Prince, Gluttony
Infernal Cardinal, Slothful
Turtles are very reliant on tribute in order to bolster their stats, so keep poking the turtles. Otherwise if you poke them too late, you'll end up with your hand burned off. (Poke could be anything. Just keep irritating them. The best method in my opinion is to loot their vaults with deceit 4. Deny them tribute... deny them their victory). And one final word of warning: If there is a turtle in the game and the puzzle cube is bought, START PANICING.

Anywhere in between: Most builds will fall into this category, because most people tend not to like the idea of all-ins. They'll start off taking PoPs, but won't go too far out of their way to get a PoP, and will gradually build momentum throughout the game to be fairly powerful. For example, a build which happens to be my personal favourite:
Marquis, Gluttony
Prince of Lies, Harbinger, Obscure
Starts off with a respectable 14-stat legion, and gradually builds up ritual power until they can lock down opponents so that their PoPs are helpless with rituals.

Gimmicks: These are fun. Here's one I've seen (thank you, Boo!)
Prince, Gluttony
Prince of Lies, Debauched, Slothful
I think it's fairly obvious what this one does.

...Oh yeah. I forgot to answer your questions. Extra legions will depend on your circumstances, since they'll sometimes be completely pointless and a waste of orders and resources, or they'll be invaluable by allowing two-pronged attacks and the like. Otherwise, it seems like you've got yourself a nice guidline for play: Start off getting PoPs, and then slowly gear up and take more PoPs as you gain the advantage.

There's lots of other stuff, but do not despair! For the more you play, the more of the game's nuances you'll unravel. God, I wrote a lot. Have fun.
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