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Postby imirk » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:47 pm

Do you adjust your build based on the map in play?

Also what are the basic differences between the maps, obviously Lake of Fire has the lake and the palace. what about the others?
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Re: Maps?

Postby timus » Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:05 am

imirk wrote:Do you adjust your build based on the map in play?

Also what are the basic differences between the maps, obviously Lake of Fire has the lake and the palace. what about the others?

"Great rivers" has 2 rivers forming a nice cross. As the map is scrollable, it equals to square patch of land bordered by rivers, and there are little blocking terrain features on this map. You usually have a river with a bridge (or without one) one or two of your borders, others are completely open. Bad for turtling, good for fast (movement 3 or more) legions.

"Acheron's locks" has rivers forming irregular net resulting in several islands. You usually have river at least on three of your borders, and in is not uncommon to be alone on an island, making it a great map for those who like to turtle. However, there is a chance for you to end up on an island without PoPs with no easy way of even getting close to one. Flying unit or puzzle cube make you very powerful if you can lay your hand on one.

"Dante's Peak" has a huge impassable volcano. Quite a lot of blocking terrain (mountains, swamps, chasms) that you can use to your advantage. The map that make it useful to have of mountain walk/swamp walk abilities. One of the most interesting and balanced maps in my opinion.

"Lake of fire" has a small lake and a Palace that gives you a +Order slot. The person that happens to be placed next to it (usually it is the one who takes it) have an immediate advantage, making it a somewhat uneven game from the very start. Other than that, it is identical to Dante's Peak, usually with a bit less blocking terrain.
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Re: Maps?

Postby potatoedoughnut » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:37 pm

I find that the PoP placement and bonuses usually dictate the game far more than the actual map terrain. Getting good or easily taken PoPs near you helps a lot, while having few or high combat/level PoPs really huts.
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Re: Maps?

Postby Spartacus » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:42 pm

Lake of Fire and Dante's Peak both have Pandemonium next to the major landmark - limiting possible avenues of attack, but otherwise medium "openness" for legions. Acheron's Locks has Pandemonium on the "center" island as well, and numerous chokepoints/barriers that "encourage" ritual spamming, small "openness" that allows for a few legions to dominate the game. Great Rivers is the most open of all, granting very little tactical advantage from terrain and focusing on turn precedence forcing players to pay more attention to the clock.
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Re: Maps?

Postby Wicked Preacher » Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:43 pm

Am I right that maps somehow differ in terms of available resources?
It seems that you are always short of a particular type of tribute that differs from map to map.
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Re: Maps?

Postby John Mc » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:17 pm

Maps don't have anything to do with tribute.
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Re: Maps?

Postby Marble Mouth » Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:51 am

I think the most important map setting is game length. The more turns you get, the more military can really get out of hand and players get killed. It seems like in longer games, military conclusion would become inevitable. Fortunately, short and normal length games lend themselves better to PBeM, so prestige remains viable. In shorter length games, gluttony is a little more difficult to pull off, but Lust doesn't get any harder. I guess smaller maps would make Lust a little easier, since you would have an easier time of making a claim on your objective PoP if you prioritized going after it. The shorter the game, the more likely I am to invest in short-term payoffs. It doesn't really affect how much charisma I want, but I'm more likely to skimp on rank than on starting legion for a short game.

I think Lake of Fire is special. If I start near the Palace, then I'm going to get a hex adjacent to it as early as possible, and I'm going to prioritize capturing it. If I focus on that, it doesn't take long to get a legion strong enough, at least for one attack, to take it. Other maps can spawn PoP's with the same +1 Order Slot. I once spawned next to a weak +1 Prestige PoP with +1 Order that was on my way to the Palace against AI. I ran away with that game so fast it got boring, but only because the AI doesn't attack you mercilessly. If just two of them had focused on stealing my PoP with a 2/2/2 garrison, I definitely could not have held it forever. The absurdly beneficial PoP's are unbalancing, and they should make their owner into a ridiculously popular target, or else he'll overwhelm everyone. It makes the Orb of Oblivion even more hilarious than I previously thought possible.

I also think "No Places of Power" map setting is special. It drastically changes the scale and rhythm of the prestige game. It makes legions harder to level up. With no PoP's, when you improve your number or quality of legions, you are clearly doing it directly to fight with other players or Pandemonium, not to secure your own Places of Power. When PoP's have to spawn because of Lake of Fire or Lust objective, they still do. That combination feels like king of the hill; I like it.

The games I've seen have all had their settings announced beforehand. I think it might be interesting to announce that they would be randomized by the host after everyone had picked their avatar. You could set conditions for some of the settings, for example short or normal length, any map size, common uncommon or rare PoP's, any map but Lake of Fire. That could encourage people to pick the most generalized avatar they could, or maybe instead just focus and hope the map rewards their chosen playstyle.
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