Dominating single combat part 2

Regale your fellow pretenders with your tales of deceit, domination and despair as you sought the Infernal Throne

Dominating single combat part 2

Postby CyrusNunn » Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:58 pm

Ge’or: Hello there ladies, gentlemen, damned souls, and other denizens of our infernal realm! I’m Ge’or Gebu’sh.
Dic-kch: And I’m Dic-kch Eney. We’ll be your announcers for the evening, here at the CHALLENGE … OF … CHAMPIONS!
Ge’or: You love doing that, don’t you?
Dic-kch: Come on, Ge’or! With this demonically menacing voice, you have to admit that I sound great!
Ge’or: You’ve got me there, Dic-kch. But let’s talk about what’s happening tonight.
Dic-kch: Tonight we have a MATCHUP FOR THE AGES!
Ge’or: We really do, Dic-kch. This conflict dates back to just a short while ago, when Evil Rocky Horror stood in front of the Conclave and demanded that Lilith turn over one of her cantons to him. When she refused, he immediately called for a contest of champions. And since it’s no secret that Evil Rocky Horror has the reigning arena champion on his payroll, the feeling on the street is that she played right into his talons.
Ge’or: No kidding, Dic-kch. I think that before this night is over, she’s going to wish she just handed over a canton. Or maybe four or five of them. Now, let’s introduce tonight’s fighters.
Dic-kch: In the black and red corner, tonight’s challenger … weighing in at one hundred and thirty one pou--
Astarte: One hundred ten pounds!
Dic-kch: Huh? What? The fight card says one hundred and th—
Dic-kch: Look, lady, I just read the –
Astarte: I SAID A HUNDRED AND TEN AND IF YOU KEEP LYING ABOUT MY WEIGHT I’M GOING TO <censored> YOUR <censored> <censored> AND THEN <censored> YOU WITH HIS <censored> <censored> AND THEN TAKE THE BITS THAT ARE LEFT OVER AND <censored> <censored> <censored> THEM.
Dic-kch: Er … uh … weighing in at one hundred and … uh … ten pounds …
Astarte: Damn right.
Dic-kch: Champion of Lilith … ASTARTE!
[Mild applause.]
Dic-kch: And in the other black and red corner, weighing in at four and a half pounds … undefeated, with a record of 17 wins – 13 by vaporization … praetor of Evil Rocky Horror … champion of the abyssal arena … MORAX!
[Crowd goes nuts.]
Ge’or: That’s the bell. This fight is underway!
Astarte: A fiery levitating skull? Should I be impressed?
Morax: [A chattering, hissing sound that sounds like laughter.] A bag … of filthy … succubus … meat. Should … I?
Ge’or: Astarte sets … moves left … right … she seems to be fighting a bit defensively.
Dic-kch: This first round is critical, Ge’or.
Ge’or: She’s trying not to over-commit … she lunges! Morax barrel rolls out of the way, like he wasn’t even trying!
Ge’or: Astarte whips around and throws a fireball! It connects!
Ge’or: By the Tyrant of Heaven, Morax is gone! She annihilated him! Morax is down!
Astarte: A-hahaha! That was your champion? Weakling!
[A chattering hissing sound that sounds like laughter.]
Ge’or: What the … is that …? Morax is directly behind Astarte! He’s alive! There’s not a scratch on him!
Ge’or: What a time for it, too! Astarte looks rattled … she sets into a blocking stance. Morax chants some words of infernal power, and his skull darkens into …
Ge’or: Three rolling defensive abilities!? Astarte would have to drop a battleship on Morax now to even make a dent! She sets, throws another fireball … Morax leans into it … it hits him right on the forehead! Right on the forehead, and not even a mark! Morax darts forward … he nips her!
Dic-kch: What the …? I think that was a Crippling Strike. Did it even hurt her?
Ge’or: He didn't want to, Dic-kch. He’s just toying with her now. Astarte looks like she’s spent. I think that last fireball was all she had. Morax follows up with a headbutt, but it's not much of one … Astarte still looking dazed, but that attack was barely a bruise.
[Crowd grumbling.]
Ge’or: The crowd is starting to get bored. They want some blood and they want it now. Up in the balcony seats, the nobles are starting to look irritable.
Dic-kch: Always a bad sign.
Ge’or: Very true. If Morax doesn’t start something soon, he could very well get himself banished to the Abyss, right alongside Astarte. But right now he’s not … wait, he IS doing something. He’s vibrating … he’s starting to glow. There’s a fire in his eyes folks and I’m not talking metaphorically here. It’s getting brighter … he’s blurring … vibrating … there’s an evil throb in the air. I can barely look at him!
[Crowd starts screaming in terror.]
Ge’or: Cover your ears, Dic-kch! Cover your –
[There is a sound of seven thousand elder powers speaking the first syllable of the Word of Ending, which will cause the skies to open and vomit forth the tide of blood and darkness that shall drown the world.]
Ge’or: There’s a puddle of … where Astarte was … Sweet Mother of a Thousand Black Goats, I think I’m going to be sick. Morax is alone in the ring now, except for a small, steaming pile of … I can’t talk about it. I’ve seen sinners being flayed, frozen, and drowned in pits of offal, and this image is never going to leave my mind, folks. But this fight is over. A convincing victory for Morax and for his liege, Evil Rocky Horror.
Dic-kch: Vile … oath … of … obl … obliv …
Ge’or: It looks like my fellow commentator wasn’t quite fast enough covering his ears. And looking around, it seems like most of the audience wasn’t either. Most of them have burst open like a bunch of meat balloons. The cheap sheets look like a zoo that got hit with a cluster bomb.
[Smattering of applause.]
Ge’or: And the survivors are going wild. We came out tonight expecting some serious carnage, and Morax did not disappoint.
Dic-kch: The … horror …
Ge’or: Well, I’m Ge’or Gebu’sh and that’s Dic-kch Eney, and we’re signing off. We’ll see you next time on…
Ge’or: Dic-kch? We’ll see you next time on …?
Dic-kch: [Sobbing.]
Ge’or: We’ll see you next time on the CHALLENGE … OF … CHAMPIONS!

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Re: Dominating single combat part 2

Postby CyrusNunn » Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:06 pm

And here's his final score.


That's WITHOUT the Anointed of Ash. Someone got the relic before I did, and I couldn't find it to steal it back. I think they must have nuked it in a Test of Loyalty event.

By the way, Vile Oath does 1d4 per Infernal skill point. In the Astarte fight, that's 46 points minimum, and 115 on average. At the end of the game, it's 53 minimum, and 132 on average. Morax one-shot the top arena champion with it.

Honestly, I wish I could have made him into a legion all by himself. I think he could have facemelted The Beast.
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