Angelic Host Targetting

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Angelic Host Targetting

Postby Frothy_mikhael » Thu May 30, 2013 2:34 pm

We recently had a game in which the host did not follow the strict prestige order, but attacked another legion out of order.

Question: (1) is this a bug? or (2) is it caused by some alternative targetting rule? or (3) could it be accidental in some way (like if the host is actually following the prestige order, but the shortest path to the target legion also ends up with the host landing on another fiend's legion).
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Re: Angelic Host Targetting

Postby Sord » Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:46 pm

Assuming it didn't go back and attack the skipped player, my guess is that the legion the host was going to attack disappeared, so it moved on to the next target (may have also been accompanied by the angles remaining stationary for a turn).

I am also unclear on when it determines the attack order (immediately on event being played, or does it look at the highest prestige of the remaining targets each time it needs a target). If the latter, it may have appeared to be out of order because two players switched prestige rank after the event was played.

I believe the angels will move less than their total movement if there is a legion in the way (I know for sure they will stop early for PoPs).

(mostly a repeat of the above, but here is the wiki info) Angelic_Host_Incursion - the wiki for Solium Infernum
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