Lava Flow Bug

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Lava Flow Bug

Postby granger44 » Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:42 am

In a game with both Rectification and Infernal Census turned on, the Angelic Host was called forth via event. I'd beefed up both my units with combat cards, and I'd put the unit that was attacked in Lava Flow terrain hoping to buy an extra +2 to help fend off the angels. Little did I know that the devil has misinformed everyone and the Angels got the bonus instead of my unit...i.e. I believe there's a bug.

From what I read, the defender (i.e. my unit) is the one that should have gotten a bonus (+2 since they were level 4)...instead the Angels got +3 to melee. The +3 Melee that the Angels got from the level roll looks to have been enough to kill my unit even without the extra +3, so it didn't actually affect the game this time around, but it could in the future.
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