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Re: Game file tampering

Postby Marble Mouth » Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:51 pm

I think it's perfectly fair to go "everyone can look" or "no one can look" in your game, as long as you're clear from the outset and if you choose "no one can look" that you trust everyone. I intend only to play "no one can look" games, since I think the game is more interesting that way. It does exclude some people from playing with me, I suppose. It also leaves open the possibility that someone who isn't really interested in playing the game will look anyway and invalidate the whole thing, but trick people into thinking he won. I agree with whoever said that Solium Infernum isn't really the kind of game cheaters want to play. It takes months to play out a single game, and cheaters typically go for that instant gratification experience. I hope that with this candor we're showing now, and the option to allow looking in some games, that players can refrain from looking in the games where we agree not to.
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