Serial Key Problem Solutions

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Serial Key Problem Solutions

Postby Vic Davis » Tue Jan 26, 2010 3:14 pm

Just a tech note for players and hosts: Some times the host will go to process a turn and a message will occur that there is a "serial key" problem with a player. Here are some quick steps that can usually resolve the problem.

1. Problem: Host gets "Serial Key Problem" text message for a specific player when the host goes to process the game turn.

Have the player redo their turn/avatar submisson.

First, just to eliminate Director compatibility problems make sure you are running the game in compatibility mode. Right click the short cut, select properties, then the compatability tab, then try a lower setting. Win 2000 seems to work well for many systems.

For their turn they should load the game up again, check their orders and then hit the end turn button. Make a note that the time date stamp on the .trn file is indeed very recent so that you know that it was updated.

For the invite response (select avatar), you will need to delete the folder named after your game in the multiplayer folder. Then put the .inv file back into the _NewGameStarts folder, then load the game name, then select your avatar again and then resend the .trn file that was created in the new folder named after the game.

2. Problem: Host gets a script error message that the Serial Key Handler is not available.

This usually means that there has been an error in copying one of the submitted .trn files for a player and it is actually a Main.sav file. Check all the files for the players and make sure that their file size is in the 10-20 KB range. Main.sav files are usually 100+ KB in size. Get the player to submit a new turn.

If you still have problems, then please have the host send me an email with all the files in the folder. You can get the email on the support page.


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