Long Game 2018

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Long Game 2018

Postby zak2 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:58 am

Hey there I am interested in hosting a game of Solium Infernum. Not interested in flakes, but if someone has a vacation or something I won't AI you. Ideally this would be a game full of people that want to submit turns as often as possible in order to keep the game going.

Proposed Settings:

Acherons Locks
Large Map
Long Game
Uncommon PoPs
Rectification expansion on
Infernal Census off

Also no use of the excommunication event card or the spell infernal juggernaut due to how much they ruin a game.

Players so far:
1. Zak
2. (open)
3. (open)
4. (open)
5. (open)
6. (open)
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