In Defense of a Steep Learning Curve

The description of the mastery of some rules system as having a steep learning curve is something of a misnomer. Here is an entry on the Learning Curve in the Wikipedia that does a pretty good job at explaining the semantics. Steep learning curve is supposed to convey the idea that during your initial play time with the game you will struggle to master the game system. Each unit of time invested brings little return in dividends (knowledge/mastery of the system). It’s not really the slope at any given point that’s important but really the shape of the curves. Tsunami style learning curve would be the best description for a game that was complex in the initial stages so that learning was slow but at some point the brain comprehends and system knowledge is accumulated almost exponentially. Then the brain discovers hidden depth that has to be teased out of the system. The surprises are slow in coming but over time new discoveries are made. That’s the kind of game I think Armageddon Empires is.

Learning Curve

If you are reading this blog, trying out the demo or have purchased the full game then there is a good chance that you are someone who likes a challenge. You are someone who knows that easy riches without toil do not create satisfaction but only emptiness and discontent. You are someone who would take the Blue Pill. You are someone who would prefer to dine in hell with the Spartans, than sit at Xerxes’ lavish feasting table. Long live the Fighters!

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