Adventures in Indie Marketing

Making a game is really only part of the battle. Getting the game in front of customers is probably harder than making the game. Well, maybe that’s a little hyperbole, but it’s certainly not as fun as making the game. So far my marketing strategy has consisted of the following.

Google Adwords
Yahoo Adwords
Boardgame Geek banner
Responding to players on various forums
Contacting potential reviewers
Banner ad on the Games Advertising Network

My best asset so far seems to be word of mouth. Of course key opinion makers like Bill Harris of Dubious Quality have been tremendously important. I asked Bill if he wanted to check out a review copy a couple of weeks back and he said nope he was just going to buy it and give it a look. I had a feeling he might enjoy it because he likes quirky games like Dwarf Fortress. You can tell from his Friday round up links that he likes to think and AE definitely makes you do that almost every step of the way. I’ve heard from several customers that Bill pushed them over the edge to continue with the game even though the learning curve was almost too much. Bill has also made a playing guide which has proven a big help for a lot of people. Now if only I could find a dozen more Bill Harris’s I would be set.

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